The Astrology of

Belladonna Rose

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With the orientation of the Aquarius moon in the 12th house which is Pisces territory in a harmonious trine aspect to Venus in the IVth, Belladonna Rose shows us how to mature on our path. We are a child no more and as a high priestess of the green ones she has come to initiate us into the role of our truer self. With the copper of Venus and the tin of Jupiter forming flutes that play exotic and sensual rhythms, the cosmic dance begins. Become the pinnacle of happiness and bliss, she invites, and new insights into our potential are soothingly revealed.. We move in humm. The Sun in the last days of Gemini and just about to enter Cancer offers a complete surrender of the mind to help us fully enter into the embrace of the fair Lady. Her North Node in the 5th house in Cancer shines the way towards creative activation with feeling. A chart which shows the most luxurious flying ever, the Amrita food of the gods. Liken Jupiter in midheaven as lightning striking a tree, activating the Venus roots, creating a sacred space for the bees. A sacred space the bees would smell from miles and miles. The Belladonna Rose truffle helps us return home.