Last edited on Feb 17, 2021: I have been gradually making the truffles stronger over time. As this whole concept is new it took some time to ascertain what would be the perfect amount to put into each truffle that would give a noticeable and pleasing experience to a large group of people and never be overwhelming but at the same time not necessitate the need for the majority to eat more than one truffle at a sitting to get the desired effect. The truffles are now quite a bit stronger than they were when I first started selling them and the feedback is better than ever with still no reports of adverse reactions or unpleasant experiences with well over 15,000 already sold. All products sold here are 'Eat at your own risk'  to free me of liability issues. Please be mindful of this disclaimer if you chose to share the truffles with anyone else. The truffles are only available directly from Emporium Black and are not intended for resale.


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Meet the creator. My name is Seamus Black. I started this business in 2019 at age 53. I am a retired chef and chocolatier as well as an artist, pagan, and plant lover. My original idea behind these nightshade truffles stems from my time living on a reservation and being heavily involved with the Native American Church (peyote). I was looking for a way to help non-Native Americans make similar connections with plants as well as giving these plants back to the people by helping to bring them back out of the shadows. I have been on this path for approximately thirty years. I have a reasonably strong background in Eastern philosophy as well and focused a few years of my life studying Vipassana meditation.

I’m not very comfortable putting myself out there like this and taking a spotlight but I do feel transparency is extremely important with the product that I provide. 

Emporium Black is an LGBTQ business. I'm transgender and started transitioning at age fifty and am very out and open about it in an effort to help normalize transgender people as well as transitioning. 

Please navigate to the "Tips from Seamus, Etc" tab if you're looking for more general info about the truffles outside of their descriptions found on the product pages.


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All shipping done in the USA is sent out USPS priority mail. International shipping is available. US customers can usually expect to get their orders within two weeks of payment. We try to get all packages out with in seven days of being ordered. Below is a chart of our shipping charges based on number of truffles purchased.


Canadian Shipping

Up to 10 truffles for $24.00

11 to 24 for $33.00

25 to 60 for $60.00

US Shipping

Up to 4 truffles for $11.00

5 to 10 for $13.00

11 to 17 for $15.50

18 to 34 for $20.00

35 to 60 for $30.00

International Shipping

Up to 10 truffles for $30.00

11 to 24 for $40.00

25 to 60 for $75.00

Trade Your Plants for Truffles!


We like to grow as many of our own plants as possible, but as luck would have it, we are having a hard time staying on top of the ever rising quantity of plants needed to make our nightshade truffles. In a preemptive effort to stay on top of supply we are now looking to outside sources. We are looking for quantity, so no less than a full sized plant to do a trade. For trades we are requiring anyone interested to be able to say that the plants were not grown with any harmful chemicals as well as provide photos that clearly show it’s the plant it’s stated to be. Usually I like to work with fresh plants but we will also take dried plants. We may be interested in other extra special plants that we might be able to use in a future truffle if you have them in large supply.  Message for more information. ^_^

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We want to hear from you! 

Open call for your truffle experiences!


We want to hear from all our valued customers!  We’re sending out a request for your truffle experiences.  Sharing is helpful in so many ways.  A lot of people read through the reviews we post on our website and social media to get an idea of what the truffles are like.  They’re also very valuable to us so we can monitor quality and make any adjustments needed. 

You make all of this possible and we want to know what your experiences have been.  It’s helpful if your name can be included in the post, but requesting anonymity is fine.  We can provide the photo, but if you have one you’d like to share, please send it along.  You can leave a review by clicking the button below and scrolling down to the form or finding us on Facebook or Instagram (@emporiumblack13).  Thank you for your input and your support!

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