Forest Fayerie

From @xianblackhart, “Woke up at midnight, and knew I’d be up.. so thought it was a perfect time to enjoy this Forest Fayerie Nightshade Truffle (made with premium Belgium and American chocolates and Mandrake (Mandragora officinarum), Fly Agaric Mushrooms, Wild Blueberries) from Emporium Black. I sat outside by the fire, the night was damp and cool, I just sat there with my thoughts, listening to the wind and the rustling of leaves.. my heart has been heavy, and my mind a bit of a fog, but as I wandered through that forest I found parts of myself I’ve forgotten beginning to resurface; the image of a man, sun kissed skin, mischievous, wild eyes, sweat, and sexuality.. danced around my mind. I found myself aroused, that feeling of seduction, heat, sweet lips and teeth slowly coursing through my veins.. and then, as capricious as ever, I decided a bath sounded wonderful. I always take baths in the dark lit by a single candle.. the glistening water and flesh, flames dancing.. it was beautiful. Beauty, seductiveness.. I felt like me again, with just a look I could charm the coldest heart and bring him to his knees, it was intoxicating. I reveled in that, enjoying myself, that flame rekindled within. And when I finally did drift to sleep, I was faced with the hurt that’s been plaguing me, a heavy heart, faces and places, and a wasp.. black and shining as if an ember, it burned, his stinger in my foot, I picked him out and he burst into flames and turned to ash.. a trick against me, maybe my own doing, or another, either way.. undone. My familiar was there, and I called out.. “consume” I said, and webs covered everything and all those faces, binding them for him and I to feast. All went black, but that heaviness was gone.. and then I awoke, the sun rising in the East, creeping through my window, a new day, a new beginning.”

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