Freeing Ourselves

Updated: Apr 21

For me it’s more that these plants are one of the best facilitators out there to help us achieve the paradigm shifts needed to free ourselves from our learned outlooks on things such as education, teaching, academia, learning, higher consciousness, etc. Once we are free of them we can start seeing how much that old thinking limited us, not just plant work, but in so many other avenues as well. I actually think this is a big part of how white people originally started losing their (our) way so much faster and at a much more accelerated rate than so many of the other peoples of the world - the quest for outward knowledge and progress in general. I don’t hear it discussed much but I do think it’s important that when we say that the world lost its way to remember there are still plenty of indigenous people around the globe who have not. The plants aren’t necessarily just sharing their memories because we forgot ours. I believe the plants can also help restore our own memories. The more those paradigm shifts in our thinking regarding how we think our brains as well as everything else must be as an absolute happen, the freer we become and more able we are to receive from not only the plants but ancestors, helper spirits, primordial truths..none of these things really need labels even. What I am saying here was a way of life when I was living on the Rez amongst spiritual people, gifted healers, and sacred communities. It’s only me leaving that life and coming back to this world that I am trying to sort through it all and understand where all of the disconnects are.

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