Freya's Nightshade

A review of Freya’s Nightshade Truffle from another customer that I had forgotten to post: “I tried it as part of a personal ritual for Beltane and it was absolutely lovely!

First off, the presentation of the truffle itself was beautiful; I can never get enough of those little skulls decorated on each and every truffle. The flavors were so well balanced, rich and creamy with the white chocolate, and I could definitely get the strawberries and cream-like taste from it. It was almost caramel-like in a way with the inside color, and floral notes were also present, making for a wonderfully festive treat.

Now for the experience. I know I’m a couple of reviews for various truffles, there are accounts of people feeling relaxed and warm after tasting the truffle. At first, I wondered if I would be blessed with the same relaxing sensation, and with the first bite I had found out for myself. Just one taste brought a whirlwind of fruity and flowery delight, and I felt a warmth spread from my diaphragm to all around me. It was like being wrapped in a warm blanket. I had to trust the properties of the truffle to help with my meditative state, and it took me on a journey of self-reflection. As I tried to sleep that night, I was carried by thoughts that I am worthy of living and loving to my fullest potential. I could swear that it was almost as if I was guided to rest by a benevolent spirit, and every time I had anxieties try to creep up, they were soothed away by the warmth and comfort brought by the meditative state.

The effects of the truffle lasted through the entire next day, as I felt an enhanced state of relaxation which could not be erased with any amount of caffeine, which was actually nice. I am rather petite, so the strength of one truffle is more than enough to ignite the meditative state. It was quite grand.

All in all, consuming the Freya’s Nightshade truffle proved to be a relaxing yet adventurous experience. I have one more waiting for me to try in the future (along with the rest of the ones from the quarantine batch), and I’m looking forward to trying more of them!” Private message with questions or to order

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