A Gentle Reminder

Updated: Apr 21

‘None of these truffles are going to be the same for everyone and the experiences each person has with each particular truffle can vary greatly over time. That's because we're working with plant spirits and not drugs. I know it can be hard for people to break free of the drug think mentality and it's one of the reasons I try to avoid words like 'dose'. We form relationships with these spirits and they can really guide us and help us. Everyone is different so their relationships with each spirit and each truffle with its particular blends is going to be different, and as we continue to grow, the spirits present themselves differently. They understand our needs so much more than we are able to. It's one of the many wonderful things about working with these plants like this and a great reminder that the more we keep our minds free of expectations and surrender to the plant spirits, the better our experiences should be. 😊🖤🐝🧚‍♂️

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