Rethinking Beginners vs Advanced

Updated: Apr 21

Academia suggests a hierarchy where people become advanced in particular fields of study and while in academia I guess it is empirically true and measurable, to me there is an oddness that we so often seem to use the same measures on our own spiritual paths. Most of us have learned the benefit of looking at things with a beginner's mind...a clean slate it can be called as well…to catch all of the nuances we may otherwise miss if we had already created in our mind what something is supposed to be. We are all just beginners on our journeys. We may mature along the way, I think that is the point even, to mature spiritually. I think when we are able to take what we are learning and apply it to our lives successfully and see the quality of our life and well being improve that is maturing spiritually, whereas someone who is busy taking in all of the lessons and not able to apply them successfully to their life yet is merely at a younger state. Not a lesser state, just younger. I think eventually we all get there in the way we are supposed to get there on our own unique paths. We can take all of the classes and read all of the books we want but if we don't take some serious down time to integrate these things into our own lives is it really helping? Or is it feeding into the notion of becoming “advanced”? For me, I don’t ever want to be a teacher, I’d rather be a helper and that is what I consider myself. What a different world it would be if we replaced the hierarchies of advanced and beginners with people reaching out to help one another when we are able and how we are able. What better way to help others than to take the process of our own spiritual maturing seriously and claim responsibility for it. When we become responsible for our own healing and well being we become like the Ace of Cups, overflowing with clean energy and beauty that we may spill onto others.

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