What Do the Truffles Do?

Updated: Apr 21

It can be tricky to describe what the (nightshade) truffles can and can’t do. The truffles will not make anyone hallucinate or ‘trip’ and I do not just say this for legal reasons or so I can get away with selling them. (Eating large amounts of truffles in one session will not change any of this and should not be done.) The truffles are to help commune with plant spirits and tap into plant consciousness on a much deeper level. The plants can communicate with us in many ways. It is not uncommon to have them communicate in a visionary way. When you hear people speak of visionary experiences (from eating truffles) it must be understood that these are pictures and images that are put in their/our head by the plant spirits as a form of communication and teaching and that people are not actually seeing these things in reality. It’s a distinction that is clear to the person experiencing it. It’s more like a waking dream. There is an expansion of consciousness that happens to allow for this, but no one is losing touch with reality or this plane while it happens. The imagery will often explain itself and give us deep insights and understanding which we may not have been capable of finding on our own. Sometimes shifts in mood and well-being can also happen even though people may not have been aware of any distinct communication from the plant spirits. This is still their gift, their influence. The truffles are still working. Likewise, sometimes after eating one you may find big bursts of creativity or an artistic block frees itself. It isn't a coincidence. It came from communing with those plant spirits and their direct influence on us. It may be that some people are more visual and that the plants are more likely to communicate that way with those people or it really may just be the plants' will and their knowing what's best for us at any given moment. I can definitely say that our experiences with plant consciousness and the way we are able to interpret what they are relaying on a day to day basis is ever changing. They are nobody's one-trick pony and the varieties of experiences we can all have echoes the perfect symphony of impermanence.

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