What to Expect from our Truffles

Updated: Apr 21

What to expect when you eat one of our Nightshade Truffles. I recommend starting by slowly and thoughtfully eating just half of a truffle. Within fifteen minutes you should know if you’ll want the other half. In my experience with these sacred plants (which spans approximately 30 years) the ultimate experiences that we have from ingesting them has much to do with the intent and frame of mind we have when ingesting them. Don’t be afraid to ask them to open your mind to their teachings as you spend some time with your truffle before consuming. Also, if once you ingest your truffle you try to just go on with daily life as normal with the plant in you, you will miss a large potential for what the experience could have been. The more meditative type of a state you can be in after ingesting these the more powerful the experience should be. Try sitting silently in a comfortable environment or walking or sitting quietly in nature. The more you work with the truffles the easier it will be to follow their lead. When we find this tranquil space and are open to receiving their gifts, these plants can show us clarity that we have never known, insights that we had never considered, and healing of old psychic wounds. They can create paradigm shifts in our thoughts and behavior. They can thin the veil and help us find doors we never knew existed.. They can help us fly and find true freedom. Living on an Indian Reservation for 5 years and being heavily involved with the Native American Church (peyote) taught me a lot of this, but since then I have never met a sacred plant medicine that did not follow what I listed above. The amount of these truffles you’d have to consume to truly hallucinate is not only very large but a lot of these plants can be quite dangerous at that level and the hallucinations are often not the enjoyable kind. These plants are more visionary. They can help us achieve a gently altered state where we can have closed eyed visions and powerful insight but it’s something we work with the plant to achieve and need to be in more of a meditative state to even experience. If there are distractions around you’ll probably just feel more of a pleasant and milder euphoria with most of them. The quieter your mind & the more you can let go of control, the more you’ll get from the truffles. Keep in mind that experiences will vary (more on this elsewhere). It took some time to ascertain what would be the perfect amount to put into each truffle that would give a noticeable and pleasing experience to a large group of people and never be overwhelming but at the same time not necessitate the need for the majority to eat more than one truffle at a sitting to get the desired effect. Please be well hydrated before you eat our Nightshade Truffles and never share these truffles with minors.

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