(Description) Brugmansia can be especially good for deeper ritual work, bridging this world to the sacred and the divine, & tuning in voices and guidance from the otherside with a clearness likened to the freshest snow melt from untouched mountain tops. She can create a sacred place for you to receive sacred healing, a place to wash away ancient scarrings of the soul and psyche and then help you plant and nurture new seeds. The Brugmansia BW Truffle. A truffle to take to the crossroads when you are ready to level up or ask for some other favor. Soon after eating one of these you’ll feel lifted by your intended in a fashion that could easily be described as euphoric and agreeable. It’s a great headspace for starting the heavy work that will follow. A good choice for crossing over and/or bridging the different realms.

The eating of these sacred plant confections should be done with mindfulness. One truffle per person should be enough for a noticeable experience but results can vary due to a large number of factors.
Made from a blend of premium Belgian and American chocolates, Brugmansia, Bourbon whiskey essence (no actual alcohol), and other natural flavorings. Click here to learn more about the plants in these truffles. International shipping is available. Sacred Plant Medicine 🌱 Let the Process Begin 🖤🦢

Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet) BW Truffle

  • Lots of people want to know what to expect when eating these truffles. I recommend starting by slowly and thoughtfully eating just half of a truffle. Within ten minutes you should know if you’ll want the other half. The truffles are quite a bit stronger than my original formulas and now most people agree that one truffle is enough. The experience can vary greatly due to factors such as time of day, how much food you've had, and how preoccupied your mind is. I also believe there is something to waiting to ingest them during times that ‘feel’ right. In my experience of doing this (which spans approximately 30 years) a lot of it has to do with the intent and frame of mind when ingesting them. Also, if once you ingest them you try to just go on with daily life as normal with the plant in you, you will miss a large potential for what the experience could have been. These plants will not make you high like that, that’s not what they are for. The more meditative type of a state you can be in after ingesting these the more powerful the experience. They will thin the veil in that state. They will help you find doors you never knew existed in that state. They will make you fly in this state. They will make you a hedge-rider. They will give you practice doing these types of things which become so much easier with their help and the more you practice with them the easier it will eventually be to do these things without ingesting the plants first. Living on an Indian Reservation for 5 years and being heavily involved with the Native American Church (peyote) taught me a lot of this, but since then I have never met one of these types of plant that did not follow what I listed above. The amount of these truffles you’d have to consume to truly hallucinate is not only very large but a lot of these plants can be quite dangerous at that level and the hallucinations are often not the enjoyable kind. These plants are more visionary. They can help you achieve an altered state and have visions and insight but it’s something you work with the plant to achieve and need to be in more of a meditative state to even experience. If there are distractions around you you’ll probably more likely just feel more of a pleasant and milder euphoria with most of them. The quieter your mind the more you’ll get from them. To me, a true hallucinogen will take over everything, whether you like it or not meaning if you choose to go about your everyday business right after ingesting. The experience when ingesting these plants in this dose and in this fashion will be a much-diluted version of what you’d experience in a meditative state, but you’ll still feel it and find it enjoyable and hopefully magical.

    Please be well hydrated before you eat any nightshade truffles and never share these truffles with minors. Try to save heavy meals for another day as that too can impede the connection with the plant spirits. The emptier your stomach when you eat your truffle the easier it will be to feel everything. 

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