RAINBOW HEYOKA NIGHTSHADE TRUFFLE with Belladonna, Datura, Brugmansia, Wormwood, & Angelica


A great one for transformation, transitions, big changes, and even paradigm shifts in thinking this truffle is about courage: courage to look at the things that can be the hardest things to look at but that results in the biggest growth and courage to walk a path unlike anyone else’s around you and take the big risks knowing how much they may lead to loneliness and isolation but also knowing that it is your path so you walk it. This truffle is for transformation medicine and magic plus all of life’s transitions. It is for thinking you’re doing something one way and later you understand it to be completely opposite but you also realize how much better you are because it was the opposite and how much more you’ve gained because of it. This truffle is for those of us who learn best with laughter and who are often greeted by the spirits we work with by their wry quips, making us laugh at whatever situation we may find ourselves in. 
My main teacher, who was the father of the family I lived with on the Rez, carried strong heyoka medicine and part of why he took me on and invited me in with the family is because I too carry it and it was time for me to learn about it . In my years living and working with Native Americans I had never heard the term twin spirit but when I hear twin spirit medicine described on social media today it always makes me think of heyoka and all of the many other names that different tribes use to describe that kind of medicine. I am transgender and my gender and sexual transformations are very much physical manifestations of my personal medicine and/or magic just as I believe it is the same way for many if not all people on the LGBTQ spectrum as well as others. This is a truffle dedicated to and made to honor and recognize this special walk. Made from a blend of premium Belgian and American chocolate, Brugmansia, Datura, Belladonna, wormwood, Anjelica. Chokeberry, muira puama, and other natural flavorings. Click here to learn more about the plants in these truffles. International shipping is available.  Sacred Plant Medicine 🌱 Let the Process Begin 🖤🦢

Rainbow Heyoka Nightshade Truffle

  • Lots of people want to know what to expect when eating these truffles. I recommend starting by slowly and thoughtfully eating just half of a truffle. Within ten minutes you should know if you’ll want the other half. The truffles are quite a bit stronger than my original formulas and now most people agree that one truffle is enough. The experience can vary greatly due to factors such as time of day, how much food you'v