The Astrology of

Pan's Vegan Nightshade

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The lush, curious, eternal Pan. The Sun's attraction with Uranus is forever the Fool card of tarot. A return to genius, inner child, innocence, and first steps. A return to leaps of faith, trust, spontaneity. Embrace this new enthusiasm and hear Pan’s clear flute, sweet and low. With Mars in the 3rd house of the goddesses this truffle is our muse guiding us to create sacred temples or visit them by just stepping out into the woods. Enter groves and follow the music. Hear the whispers and enable active communication with the old ones. A call to writers and bards. 

The sky devines a Venus and Mercury conjunction with a mystic rectangle whispering verses of love in Orphic song. A water trine playfully forms a kite with a Saturn apex humm...a strong humm, humm humming of deep transformation capable of spiritually realigning our very being.  A gift from Pan both sweet and wise. His celestial kite offers time travel while Venus and Mercury are opposite Uranus reminding us to to let go and not take ourselves too seriously. Out of the mid-wood's twilight Into the meadow's dawn. With grand sensuality and leaps of faith may we frolic with Pan through ancient forests, sun drenched temples, and diaphanous realms. Pan’s Vegan Nightshade Truffle: Let the rewildling begin.