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“Hi Seamus~ Just wanted to send you & Brighid a big thank you. My sweetie & I had a MAGICAL & connective Love ritual on Valentines Day savoring your Aphrodite’s Nightshade Truffles. The whole experience was sublime and the complexity of nuanced flavor of the truffles was transporting. We shared moments of playfulness, sensuality, dance, & heart connection. Thank you for crafting these confections with such intention & care. We’re excited to journey with your truffles again. It’s truly a gift to connect with these potent plant spirits in a way that feels safe & respectful. Thank you for making this possible! Sending love & gratitude your way~ 🙌🏽♥️🌹🍄🦋🌈🌟” ..from T.A.W.

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“Hi, Seamus! I just wanted to let you know your medicines have changed my life. I’ve struggled with treatment resistant depression for my entire life, and after my experiences of deep meditation with these sacred compounds, I feel whole again. My desire for intimacy is back and I very rarely feel depressed anymore. I sincerely appreciate everything you do and the love you put into every truffle. Please, never forget the work you are doing is beautiful and appreciated. Once again, please accept my thanks for spreading this knowledge. Blessed be, my new friend. 💖” review by @coreytriestoohard

“One of the first things that I will say about the truffles is you can tell how loved they are by the way each one is individually wrapped and presented in their own special box. It was like each was a gem awaiting discovery and exploration. The quality of the chocolate and the consistency of the truffle was divine - smooth and rich and you could taste and smell the herbal treasures that each contained. I have only started my journey so I will reserve my comments on my experiences for a later date. But thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with the world. We are grateful.” Review by Leo 

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From a regular customer/friend who is a Senior Toxicologist, “The reactions of the active compounds trigger several neurotransmitters activating multiple receptors. The concentration at the target site and the activation of these receptors would change perception, motor functions, cognition, and many factors related to the central nervous system. What I believe is, an orchestra chief like Emporium Black is able to conduct these neurotransmitters firing several neurons leading multiple pathways unlike single target medicines in safety zones. What you experience are the results of these pathways, not limited to, but may include seratonine/norepinephrine reuptake inhibition, increased dopamine synthesis, dopamine receptor agonism/antagonism, muscarinic antagonists, acethylcholine degradation/MAO inhibitors, GABA agonists/receptor modulation, ion channel inhibitors/potentiations, and several unknown mechanisms. And besides everything, leaving the flavors aside, the taste of your chocolate is heavenly. Burst of seratonine starts by the first bite.”

“Plants contain different active compounds at differing amounts depending on the time collected, geographical location, climate, etc. The collection and the extraction procedures definitely affect the concentration of these active substances. The effect of combination on the other side will lead to several effects including in vitro (chemical rxs during the cooking process) and in vivo effects (agonist, antagonist, synergistic, etc., in the organism). The art of poison is similar to the art of medicine. There is never one cure for all. This resembles being a bartender. Sometimes you approach a bar after an exhausting day and the bartender looks and finds what mood you would like to go for and prepares your drink. It might take you to a relaxing mode, it might take you to a relieving mode with more energy and dance out your stress, or even lead you desiring world. Anyhow, the reactions of the active compounds trigger several neurotransmitters activating multiple receptors.”

“I ate half a truffle the other night, put on some tunes, and it ended up being stronger than any sessions with them I’ve had before. I broke loose and defragged some deep programs, all while jamming out. Then last night, for the eclipse, I imbibed and got to know a life-long guide I have held so much resistance to in the past. It was a beautiful experience! Your truffles are such gifts. I find them to be the perfect accompaniment to my current solitary practice. 🙏” - drjosiepetvet

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“I just want to thank you deeply as I am so grateful these plants were here to guide me through a very rough week. Always holding a mirror with a firm hand but so much deep love and insights. I’ve connected so many dots in this one week alone since receiving my order and working with your truffles. Thank you a million times over.” Via @haitisdaughter

“Fantastic product. I was impressed by the delicious and decadent vegan chocolates. They were a delight to the senses and worth savoring. As far as effects go, they deliver. A nice languid feeling was achieved which facilitated concentration on ritual work including shared rituals. Hedge-riding experiences were deeper and more detailed. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and will continue to buy!” A review by Mirta  

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“Last night I decided to try my truffles and ate half of a Belladonna Rose Truffle (I’m a lightweight and was feeling a little fatigued and headachy after my Covid vaccine booster). I soon felt a warm, calming, euphoric effect that made me want to touch/communicate with my houseplants. I also began to feel a deeper connection with a small branch covered with lichen from one of my last hiking trips. I touched it lovingly and spritzed it with water. After that I meditated for a short bit and then began reading Finding the Mother Tree. As I was getting ready to go to bed, I felt drawn to my moss agate skull so I sat her on my nightstand and rubbed her head. I fell asleep quickly and had lucid dreams. I don’t always sleep well, but this morning I awoke feeling refreshed and energized.”  Via @witchy_wolfwoman

“These truffles are exquisite. True to form, each one, each deva, provides a new internal experience to foster your personal growth and better divine your internal nature. Whether you commune with the same truffle many times or many different truffles once, you'll find each indulgence unique and spiritually satisfying.” - Anne Christensen

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“Our experience with the Datura Jasmine Truffle was so lovely. It felt like a homecoming engaging with plants that my ancestors most certainly used. The Datura Jasmine Truffle created/held a dream container lasting 4-5 nights after consumption where I experienced deep ancestral insights and more lucid dreaming. Grateful to my marrow!” Review by Danielle  

“I highly recommend this truffle! I’m still looking forward to trying some truffles with wormwood in them in the future as I’ve had very healing results with that before. The Aphrodite’s Nightshade Truffle is what I went with this time because I’d heard positive things about it and it seemed like a good one to try first. There were some physical health benefits as far as I can tell as well, but it’s a little too soon to tell if that’s lasting or a placebo effect. I will say that I used this truffle a couple of weeks before the full moon, just after the new moon, and the datura and damiana and other ingredients guided me to write out one of the lengthiest gratitude prayers I’ve written in a long time, all handwritten, which I saved to burn on this recent full moon to help bring me back to my center of love and peace after the major purging energies and heaviness of the full moon opposite Pluto recently. Very beautifully healing energies, and I felt it both the night I used it and the next day, and the day of and since the full moon. While I can’t speak for the physical benefits whether they will be lasting or not, I feel pretty strongly that the spiritual and psychological benefits have been immense and have carried much longer than you might expect from something like this. My heart feels transforming and healing. One of the best things I’ve noticed from this is, without even thinking too hard about it or needing to restrain myself as much, I find myself more effortlessly refraining from overstuffing myself with emotional eating. This is probably the most beautiful physical impact this has had on me, and I’m very grateful for this as I think this will help me improve my health in so many ways. Thank you, Seamus and Brighid, and all the people who provided plants for this truffle 🙏” from anonymous 

Cards from Forest Fae deck by @waywardharper

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“This is my review for the Nightshade Truffles Egyptian Henbane Honey Truffle & Belladonna Rose Truffle. I've been using Nightshade salves and growing the plants a number of years. I'm familiar with the effects & Nightshade energy. Service was quick, packaging was stylish, as were the actual truffles themselves.

"The chocolate was creamy and delicious.

"I let mine melt in my mouth to really feel the effects as they took hold. I find Henbane slightly more lively than Belladonna. I immersed myself in some witchy activities, taking advantage of the calming focus the Henbane provided. It was almost sexy and would be nice to share with a friend.

"I used the Bella in some quiet reflection during more witchy activities. There are endless possibilities for Working with Nightshade energy!

"The effects are calming without a stoned feeling. They made me feel sexy, insightful, uplifted in a quiet way, pleasantly sedated. No nausea involved. No hangover, racing heartbeat, or other unpleasant effects. I was definitely in another world, yet fully in control of myself. You won't feel like going out dancing and may want some alone time. These are Nightshades, after all.

"I can't wait to try more and will definitely reorder.”  Review by Melissa Artemisia

“Thank you! I have felt like that all day, very calm and at peace. And one thing I’ve been noticing are these little revelations that are coming to me throughout the day! I’m having a lot of “aha!” moments and can’t help but feel that they’re a result of my experience last night.” - from @side.street.witch

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Firstly, I love your truffles, Seamus! Thank you, thank you for this magic you are bringing!


"Next, about my frame of reference: I am a long-time (@11yrs , long enough to know that I am STILL a novice on this path!) and dedicated practitioner with Master-plants of the Amazon, so I have become quite accustomed to a very different kind of experience with Plant Teachers, but it has been in the last year that I have felt a call to work with/learn from Other Plant Teachers, particularly the Ones with Whom you are creating.


"My experiences with most of the 8 or so varieties of truffles I’ve tried to date have been similar: physically-- a warmth in my chest and hands, gently/pleasantly increased heart rate, and mentally/emotionally-- a mild euphoria and sense of connectedness.


"I have consumed a single truffle in each sitting. The one time I considered having a second one, I felt a clear "no" & respected that, as I understand with these Teachers it feels that it is more about cultivating relationships & not necessarily about asking "what can You give/show/teach me right now?" I feel like I am slowly and gently learning my way in this very different methodology.


"Your advice to approach as a meditation has been right on. I am a musician, and the predominant part of my path with my Amazonian Maestra is in the intersection of creation/channeling and playing of music, so a couple of times I tried working with the truffles in that way & ended up feeling like it was too much "doing" or that it was perhaps "putting the cart before the horse" so to speak, attempting to fly before learning to crawl. So far, getting quiet has been the most effective (but not always so easy! Shhh, shhhh, shhh...).


"The most dialed in experiences I've had thus far were with Sun Opener Datura Truffle (now the Aztec Sun God Nightshade Truffle), sitting outside at sunset and with Belladonna Rose Truffle in candle-lit evening meditation. I do feel like some Plants seemed more "interested" in interacting with me in any given session, so I'm content to be as open as possible to the natural unfolding of that and trying not to be too analytical or actively "figuring things out." I'm eager to learn more but also aware that "beginner's mind" is beautiful & powerful. Looking forward to my next parcel!!”

New shared experience/review from @Josey VanHise: “I think these blessed chocolates came just in time! Right before the full moon and as I was going through some emotions that I deeply wanted to sort out. I bought six different chocolates in all, and none were melted or warped from the Arizona heat here which is amazing! Everything was beautifully and safely packaged. As for the chocolate, it is PERFECT. I can’t even exaggerate on this point as a chocolate snob myself. The outer layer was silky and smooth, topped with a delightful little skull. You can see in the pictures. 😍 The inner layer was a surprisingly soft and mousse-y truffle that just melted in your mouth. It was all very rich. Half was almost enough for me, but I decided to go for the whole truffle in one go. 🤷‍♀️ What can I say? It was the full moon! After about ten minutes of meditation, I began to feel my body tingling, like the blood rushing through my veins was electric. It was thrilling, yet numbing as I also began to feel very, very heavy. I let myself sink into my mattress and as the Datura washes over me I became very emotional. Yet my mind wasn’t clouded by these emotions. I was able to pick apart everything until my mind was quiet enough to fall asleep. I had peaceful dreams and woke up feeling light and refreshed with a newly cleared mind and a little more perspective on my messy emotions.

"I’d also like to add that Seamus is very kind, responsive, and informative. Once I finish this lot, I will absolutely buy again. You will not be disappointed with this chocolate, not the experience it gives you. As a Hekate devotee, the consumption of (these plants) felt like an important rite to me, and I’m so glad that this was my first experience with that. 🙏🌕 "

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“Such a wonderful experience! I had been connecting to Datura in my dreams before I placed an order with Seamus. When my order arrived (promptly I may add!), I could feel the energy from the box as I opened it. Just wow! Beautifully wrapped and handcrafted plant medicines. I was deeply drawn to the Freya's Nightshade Truffle (now the Trance Bringer Nightshade Truffle) to start, so I set myself time aside to work with that one first. I drank plenty of water, making sure my head was clear. As I ate the truffle I asked for plants to communicate with me in my dreams and let them know I was open to receiving and learning. I do a lot of dream work and connect to my guidance team in dreams. That night I traveled to see other lifetimes with glimpses of gardens from other realms. Smelling the sweet aromas of Datura, receiving Healing energy from her petals, waves dispersed to areas of my spirit. Strands of codes, memories, and knowledge seeped into my energy body.


"I was shown a garden with the core of my heart, shadowy parts of a thick garden that had luminescent moss and night-dwelling owls out for a hunt. Other parts of the garden had tall dogwood and oak trees intertwined and made an archway to space. At the front of the garden was an iron gate. On the other side was a child's shadow peering back at me. When I awoke I felt an afterglow to my mood. I felt upbeat and energized. I truly felt like the energetic signatures of the plants showed me what needed to be released, and with that, had assistance from the truffles. I have been working with different entheogens, herbs, and energy medicines throughout my life and I must say these are well received!“ review by Lara

“So I wanted to share my experiences with you now that I've had some time to really process them. For a long time I've had a recurring dream about a black wolf with glowing blue eyes. I don't remember everything that occurs in the dreams, only that when I see the wolf I have intense fear and I wake up. I'm not a practitioner of any Wicca or witchcraft. However, I do believe that our dreams have significance, and in Native American culture, the wolf is a powerful symbol. So I knew it was trying to tell me something but I don't have any control of my actions during dreams. I've read about meditation as a way to experience lucid dreams but I can't concentrate and I just end up with my thoughts all muddled. First time I tried the Forest Faerie Nightshade Truffle, I ate half. Then about 15 minutes later I ate the second half. When I started meditating, I was lying flat on my back on the floor (I know it's weird, it's just my method, my knees hurt a lot from softball in high school and college and I can't maintain a traditional position). I was able to concentrate and I experienced a rising-up sensation of my entire body. This freaked me out and I snapped out of it, and I was pretty disappointed that I had actually probably achieved a lucid dream. Later that night, I had another dream of the wolf, but I didn't feel the same fear. After a few days, I tried again. It was the White Chocolate Datura Jasmine Truffle I tried this time. I experienced the same rising sensation but it was quite different. I was calm and I floated through my ceiling and I was transported to a forest. It was like a Pacific rain forest, tons of ferns and moss, etc. I was walking, enjoying the beauty, the scents, moisture in the air, and again this wolf steps from behind a tree. This time it looked at me and trotted into the undergrowth. Instead of feeling afraid this time, I followed him and he disappeared. I looked around everywhere and saw instead my best friend from kindergarten, high school, college, there.


"I was overjoyed to see him again because his death had been particularly traumatic for me. He was a heavy user of heroin, and I used to let him come to my apartment to use because I was afraid of him overdosing if he was by himself. The last time I had heard from him while he was alive, I was out of town and he wasn't able to come to my apartment. I apologized. I told him repeatedly to go somewhere and not to use alone, and he assured me he would. A few days after that, my mom called me (I was in Sacramento visiting friends) and she said, "I'm sorry, honey, but they found Elliot." He had been found dead in his car, parked on a back street in Bakersfield. He was alone. This dream was healing for me. For years I have blamed myself for deciding to go visit friends and have fun instead of being there for my friend who had a terrible drug habit and should have never used drugs alone. In this dream I apologized and my friend told me it wasn't my fault. He said he would have used. He wouldn't have stopped or gone to treatment, and it wasn't my responsibility to babysit him while he was high. We walked in the forest, reminisced about old times, laughed, and it was a happy time. It's making me cry now but I'm really glad that I had this experience because I can put his death behind me and stop the guilt I've felt for about 25 years. Had it not been for the clarity of mind that the truffle gave me, I might not have been able to have this kind of waking dream.”  @erican66

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From @natural_ways222: “I brought Freya’s Nightshade Truffle (now the Trance Bringer Nightshade Truffle) along on our picnic. She was a lovely addition to enhance the 𝓂𝒶ℊ𝒾𝒸𝒶𝓁 experience. If you have any inclination towards flying ointments, I absolutely advise that you check out @emporiumblack13. Edible flying ointments are a special treat that can enhance your connection to nature and spirit. I’ve been using them since last year and I look forward to the introspection and connection to earth that I feel when consuming a delightful, plump truffle.”

@jennacat74: “My experience with Aphrodite's Nightshade Truffle was exactly that: A waking dream. It was both vivid and...diaphanous? I'm not sure there's a better word for it there, but the feeling lingered well after I know the truffle's effect was over. If I could, I would go to that space in my spirit every day!“

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From @jess mariet: "Shipping is fast and perfectly packed for the hot summer months.

"Last weekend I included my first truffle in a devotional rite and hedge crossing.

"The truffle chosen? White Chocolate Datura Jasmine Truffle.

"The tempering of the chocolate is perfect. The Jasmine and white chocolate compliment each other so well. "The flavor is out of this world. Oh! and the ganache is so beautifully smooth... soft and pleasing, like velvet. This is what heaven must taste like.

"The spirit of Datura is clearly present. The clarity of the transition, or sinking, is almost shocking in a way.

"The spirits are welcoming of this ally of mine.

"I honestly wish I could provide a grade of 11 stars, far more appropriate than a mere 5."

A text I received today: “Hello! I received my order yesterday. When I opened the box I was pummeled by the fragrance of the truffles. It was so potent that it made me a little dizzy. There is so much love in that package and I am so excited to try them out. I’ve got a date with a Belladonna Rose Truffle on the new moon at the ocean.”

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From Nadie: “Dear Seamus, I purchased your May Queen Nightshade Truffle (now called the Pleiadian Moon Nightshade Truffle) and the taste is immaculate. Despite me living in Northern Italy, the truffles arrived just in time for May Eve. I decided to start with half a truffle. Sometimes I have anxiety before going to sleep and I can't really quiet my mind, and the truffle definitely helped me with falling asleep, but it wasn't an easy rest. I felt like the Plant Spirit was trying to get me to leave my body, but my anxious mind wouldn't let it happen. Sometimes it goes like this and I called it a day. Then, around 4 or 5 am, I woke up, got up, and instinctively ate the other half of the truffle. I was way calmer than the evening before. I laid down to relax and enter my meditative state


"And in a matter of minutes I was swept away (from my body). The experience was extraordinary, brief but definitely intense. Everything got dark (even if the morning light had already peeked through my curtains), as it was deep into the night. I felt like I was floating and I was pervaded by an intense sexual/sensual energy. I felt the presence of other people (as in spirit form) around me, and everything was deeply liberating. I won't go into further details because the experience is very personal and I want to keep something from it only to myself. I really enjoyed the truffle and I think you do an amazing job with letting people engage and share part of themselves with the Plant Spirits. Definitely looking forward to trying the Belladonna one. I'm saving it for another special occasion. Lots of hugs.”

From a regular customer who asked to be left anonymous: “It was unbelievable. I quit smoking a few times (with kids for the longest obviously) but have smoked on and off for 25 years? But I literally don’t have any cravings. I had been alternating regular cigarettes with smoking an herbal mullein mix, and once while I was smoking the mullein after eating a couple of chocolates, I just had this series of epiphanies and instantaneously lost my desire to smoke. Like, just all emotional or habitual attachment is gone. Don't crave it. Don’t have any feelings at all about smelling it even. And it’s been like probably eight months. I have zero doubt that it was in large part due to the frame of mind of the chocolates’ effect and in small part the mullein.“


“Hey Seamus! I think I cracked it. I think I need to be outside in wild places to work best with your truffles.


I took the May Queen Nightshade Truffle (now the Pleiadian Moon Nightshade Truffle) with me to that woodland, to this amazing tree today, and definitely had a very pleasant and dreamlike experience. I really connected in with that tree. I think this might be the start of a beautiful new relationship with that one!”

From @witchyhippiegoth/hippygothwitch: “I ordered your sampler pack of every flavor because I couldn’t decide. So far I have tried 3 of them. I just have to say that I absolutely love these truffles. Not only do they taste amazing, but they are a wonderful aid to my spiritual and astral journeys. They have really enhanced the depths that I can go in my practice! Thank you! “

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“Dear Seamus, I'm back again! Yesterday I woke up naturally between 7 and 8 am, so I decided to try the Belladonna truffle. I ate it whole, and I was basically fasted (it was early morning). My experience with Belladonna was very different from the one with Henbane. She doesn't swipe you off of your feet. She just comes around, and at first it seems like she doesn't even notice you that much. Around ten minutes have passed and I got cloaked by a very dark surrounding. At fifteen/twenty minutes I definitely start feeling the Plant presence around and inside me. Belladonna presents itself to me with an incredible warm wave, almost like fire, as I was incredibly hot and my body tingled everywhere.

"By this time I normally start the "journey", but what I got was actually a flow of visions and images. The most vivid were the Plant itself, opening her purple flowers; a very dark forest with high trees and the soil, kinda excavated, was "kept up" by long bones, similar to long ribs; a woman with wavy black hair adorning herself with gold jewelry, makeup, and a very long embroidered dress; and finally more bones, even some skulls, carefully laying down on a black cloth. It was an experience less intense than the one I had with the May Queen Nightshade Truffle (now the Pleiadian Moon Nightshade Truffle), more chaotic and pervaded by a feeling of mystery and closeness to death. I don't know if this is what other people have experienced with Belladonna, but it's what happened to me. A big hug!”

From another new customer: “Hellooo I want to tell you an amazing effect of truffles. I got covid about 10 days ago. Fortunately the virus was pretty easy on me but on the 7th day I lost my smell. I could not smell ANYTHING. And losing a sense is really terrible. Of course it is always better than the much more serious symptoms, I mean at least I can still breathe. But not being able to smell and taste anything was still really bad for me. I was looking at the comments and people were saying smell comes back at least 3 weeks later and not sooner. All my friends who got covid said to me that they got smell and taste back 1 month later and they were not still as strong as they were previously. Reading these, I got myself used to the idea of not having smell and taste back for a looooong time. Then, in honour of Veneralia, I wanted to pray to Venus Verticordia yesterday (because my love life is soo messy lol) and beforehand I ate the Aphrodite's Nightshade Truffle.

Just before I went to bed I started to have some imaginary smells. Might sound funny but seriously I was imagining smells and not doing it on purpose. They were just "coming" to my nose. Wine, fruits, even popcorn. I fell asleep, woke up, opened the windows, and with the first breeze coming in I started to smell again. The smell of the clothes I washed the day before were the first and the fruits on the table were next. I had lost smell only 3 days ago. 3 days!!! And now I can smell and taste again. Senses are such blessings indeed and this experience made me super grateful to them. But the main thanks go to the Aphrodite's Nightshade Truffle, its magic, you, and of course the goddess Venus. I am soooo certain that the truffle acted as a bridge between my senses and the divine. Thank you.”

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From Dee: “Hello Seamus and friends, I just wanted to pop on and tell you how wonderful it is to have met you. I have tried the Sun Opener Datura Truffle (now the Aztec Sun God Nightshade Truffle) and the Black Elk Nightshade Truffle (now the Vision Quest Nightshade Truffle) so far and I can only say the experience for both have been amazing. A little background, I am a psychotherapist and earth medicine practitioner. My family tree medicine lineage is in Italian shamanism and Celtic druidry. I am a continuing apprentice with these practices. For my surrounding community, I hold gatherings on the land here where we live in Sumas, BC, called The Hearth. When I found you on IG I was interested in journeying with the plants. I wasn't exactly interested in a wow factor psychedelically, although that can be a great experience! ;) I was more interested in building my connection with the plant medicine and hearing from them. I have experienced a loving connection, messages that speak very deeply to my heart. I am just a newbie here but I am looking forward to continuing to introduce you to my fellow friends at the Hearth and whoever else might want to hear of your work. I also listened to your podcast posted so it has been a real pleasure getting to know you, Seamus, from that platform. Thank you for your beautiful gift to us with your work and respecting the beauty and magic of these incredible plants. Warmly, Deena”

From Angela N.: “It was the Sun Opener Datura Truffle (now the Aztec Sun God Nightshade Truffle) I tried first. I spoke to it, then lay back and gazed up at the ceiling, seeking my meditative state. Sun Opener lightened the thoughts that most often crowd the gates of my mind. I drifted through memory and contemplation like they were cotton candy dreams, barely tangible, and yet also with full awareness of them. Above all I felt a sense of well-being. Nothing heavy, nothing "altered," just a pleasant awareness that I am alive, and this small, simple fact is sublime.

"Thank you for these beautiful creations.”

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I just had a second customer tell me that they had a very powerful dream and in the dream someone very important to them gave them an Emporium Black truffle. What’s especially interesting to me is that each person was given the same truffle, the May Queen Nightshade Truffle (now the Pleiadian Moon Nightshade Truffle). Sounds like it has some serious crossing-over medicine. Here is one of those comments, “I literally had a dream where someone brought me one ( May Queen Nightshade Truffle (now the Pleiadian Moon Nightshade Truffle)). It was found near the door of my recently-passed grandfather’s room. Interesting dream! I could literally taste it.”

“Such delicacy! Treats for the heart, body, mind, and soul! I’m still in AWE! With waves of well-being and vivid experiences of spiritual depth in the best that chocolate can offer! In our world of chaos, Emporium Black has reached Pure Perfection!
I’m Gina Luna, Artist and Mystic and here are my beloved bombons, one already half eaten, in the heart and hands of my ‘Goddess Cries’ sculpture.”

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From Dezaray: “Hello! I ordered a variety mix of truffles, and while I still haven't tried them all lol, I would like to talk about the Freya's Nightshade Truffle (now the Trance Bringer Nightshade Truffle)! The first time I ate one I was a little nervous as I didn't know what to expect, having never tried any of these plants before. So I think because of that, I was so much in my head "waiting and thinking about it" that I ended up not really feeling anything at all. So I decided the next time I would eat 2 and make it more of a ritual, as an offering of sorts to Freya, and as a way to connect with Her energy. As a Witch, Freya is one of the Goddesses I connect with! This approach was MUCH MUCH more beneficial! I also prepped a little before taking by doing my usual connection ritual I use with Her, and then after I took it, I laid down, closed my eyes, and put on my Shamanic music. It took about 45 min to really start feeling it and once I did it was INCREDIBLE!! I felt a soothing warmth all over my body, as well as a very comforting energy. As time passed and my music also intensified, I felt a more empowering and strong energy. Freya normally makes me feel this type of energy when I connect but now it was three-fold! About an hour into the "zone", I just wanted to dance and move my body in a very strong body prayer to Her and also to my Ancestors! I felt like they were all surrounding me and I felt SO strong, fierce, and empowered! A true Wild Woman Warrior Goddess! It was incredible to feel this way. After the dancing it was time to shift this energy and so I journaled. I write every day for multiple reasons, but never have under the influence of a Goddess energy. I had no plan of what to write but ended up writing a very encouraging and empowering letter to myself! To remind me that I do have all the power and support within me to get through anything and to keep growing and learning through the Life/Death/Life cycles of my spiritual journey. I am a Shadow-Worker, so Shadow-Work is something I do on a regular basis. But this time it was different. My emotions were so intensified but there were NO negative or sad feelings during this work! I just felt so incredibly strong and fierce and my body was literally vibrating and I just felt amazing! The feelings from the truffles lasted about 4 hours for me and as it drifted away, the energy calmed, and I then felt so grounded and peaceful and slept so soundly. This was truly an amazing experience and I thank you for sharing your gifts and creativity with the world in this way. The other times I ate truffles without doing a ritual or shadow-work, the way I felt was still amazing, just more calm, peaceful, and warm all over my body. Thank you again for what you do and I am a customer for life."

From a new customer: “The first day I made contact with the Datura Jasmine Truffle was on the event of the Moon getting full in Libra. I’m a night owl, and even though I love the morning, I revel in the space the deep night holds. The call to eat the Datura Jasmine Truffle arrived at such a time, just as Saturday turned into Sunday and the Aries Sun gave Luna full regalia in the sign of the Scales, a very good time to plant seeds later on Sunday afternoon. But back to my midnight hour. After two very safe and awesome experiences, I ate the whole truffle in one bite. The very beginning of my experience was spent on marveling at a gorgeous Swan. For the next stretch, for about a half hour, I got on my feet and moved about in my space freely, connecting with one of my dreams that is prophetic in nature and always gives messages about my relationship with the Bees. The whole process was very natural, very nourishing. In my dreams, I specifically remember an orgasm, and the phrase “See? This is how it’s done.” I woke up happy, smiling, and I carried a sense of healthy, blissful arousal around me all day. Oh and I planted some Datura inoxia seeds. May they bloom! ”


From@garlicguru85: “I absolutely love your art and your mind. These magic truffles have been helping me clear a ton of deep emotional blockages and trauma responses. They are absolutely amazing. Much love and many blessings, brother.”

“I ate one Black Elk Nightshade Truffle (now the Vision Quest Nightshade Truffle) last night. The wormwood end notes are so nice. Art!
"Learning valuable lessons and feeling much better spiritually, physically, and mentally. I do thank you!“

PTbite comp.jpg

"The other day, I was cranky. Sleep deprived. Accident prone. I was intensely missing my mother like I have been for as long as I remember. And I was fussing like a child. Where to go. Part of me wanted to hide away and lick my wounds. The other wanted to work until I could not think, could not feel any more. I also wanted to burn through the guilt and the shame I tend to experience when my mother wound is aching. This is when Pan’s Nightshade Truffle came to me. The Field shifted already when I didn’t fuss about it and created a makeshift altar space with the help of a Maiden Hair fern that almost didn’t make it until I shoved it into a dark corner where it thrives. To honor the principle of intentionality, which I always do, I decided I could take 20 minutes away from my busy day and just Be. I could smell the joy of the experience that is Chocolate and Plant Friends even before I unwrapped the truffle, my fourth to try from the Sample Pack.
"One thing was also very important: I was fasted. I hadn’t eaten in hours. What followed was as blissful as it was astoundingly pleasurable. Earlier, I had spoken about the shift in the Field around me which happened just as I decided to eat a truffle. As I took my first bite, the energetic quality of the space I was in got even more vibrant and bright and I closed my eyes to travel. I felt a deep sense of relaxation and the word “thirst” came, almost audibly out of thin air. I intuitively knew that this wasn’t literal but meant more like a thirsting, like after a need or a state I have been deprived of but hadn’t noticed (I keep well hydrated, usually). Then, I found myself in a liminal space.
"I am saying liminal because I could not tell whether I had seen it in a dream or was there in real life. It was a landscape, like a quiet lake in Maine in early September. I was alone and kept exploring. “What is this place?” “Have I been here?” It was a euphoric experience while I was fully awake! I was journeying in broad daylight, by this lakeside on my own in Maine in beautiful weather and a colorful landscape around me. And then another animal guide appeared: Otter - and I went swimming! This lake and swimming in what seemed and felt like warm water, glowing in colors of orange and golds, gave me just what I have been thirsting after. And Otter there beside me and then leading me into a resting spot after the swim completely revived and rejuvenated me. I am so very grateful for what you have created with these delicacies, Seamus! After only twenty minutes, my entire day had energetically changed. I carried a deep smile for the rest of it, as Pan was playing on his reed flute in the background and met an old lover in a dream at night. A marvelous encounter!”

From a new customer: “I purchased the sampler package because I didn't want to limit my curiosity with the truffles. Each description, each plant, each creation is an invitation and I was looking forward to getting intentional with them. The first one I tried was the Belladonna Rose Truffle, and this one will always be my introduction to your artistry with nightshade truffles. Sensuous, deep, and all-holding, the Belladonna Rose Truffle gave me big medicine at a very special junction in my womanhood.“


From a new customer: “The Brugmansia Bourbon Whiskey Truffle (now the Garden of Self Nightshade Truffle) took me to that place of crossroads you speak of in your description and gave me just the level-up with taboos that I had needed. I ate the truffle intentionally before bedtime because I wanted to be dropped into dreams with this one. We spent some time together in a meditative state and I appreciated the many lovely qualities of that. The plant seems to have an incredible light force and I was bathed in it. But she takes you right into some of the darkest recesses of the psyche, where I was ready to go. My dreamscape was all dark, but this darkness had a body. It was tangible and sensuous. The latest portion put me into conversation with an animal guide who came to me: Skunk. I have always loved them. The after-flavor of the dream is that I had to keep proving it and Skunk kept laughing which left me mystified. I still am. It’s as if the medicine is just about to begin its work in earnest on me. I’m ready, though. People in my dream didn’t seem to be convinced when I heard myself say that I love this animal, and specifically the scent! But I don’t mind. Needless to say, I have spent most of my morning savoring this latest experience and Skunk's appearance with this one. And I like where I’m at the crossroads. Come what may!”

From @growin_with_theflow: "I too am a vivid dreamer and love, love, love dream interpretation and the use of dream herbs like Mugwort, Galbanum (EO), hops, yarrow, and passionflower. I sell dream bundles through my small biz @thecosmicgardener. Recently I had ingested a Sun Opener Datura Truffle (now the Aztec Sun God Nightshade Truffle) by @emporiumblack13 and had the most vivid dream of me banishing a young 12-year-old girl into the forest. I was terrified she would die and I would be to blame. That 12-year-old was 12 y/o me when I began to shape myself to others to feel more safe and around the same time of some intense trauma. The dream and the datura helped me start to retrieve that part of myself that I had banished all those years ago. Now I am beginning to feel more whole than I ever have. "The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul." - Jung”


From customer, as well as the maker of the cool ring in the photo, @hexxrexx: “Where to begin? My experience with this confectionery wizardry has been complete bliss. I have welcomed several plant spirits into my home like old friends, each with their own unique character. The chocolate itself is crafted in such a masterful way, combining the most exquisite flavours, each one a new delight. The whole experience was ritual. I am delighted to have been able to work with these baneful mistresses in such a sublime way. Set the scene, abandon your cares, and let the process begin “

From @ceremony.of.stars: “One day I'll write my experience with these profound medicines you've created! All I can say now is thank you. What these sweet truffles have done for me is nothing short of absolute and pure transformation. Thank you so much. They were able to show me the ultimate bottom of things that were no longer serving me so I could integrate them and work from there. It was like a snake shedding her too-tight skin and leaving it instead of carrying it. ”


From @rayetwist: “The Datura Jasmine Truffle was the first one I took out of the package and it was just what I needed, so magical and delicious. Just walking outside after eating it, I was overwhelmed with how good outside feels.

"Laid down in the sun and felt so rooted into the earth and looking up at the sky, how big the sky is.

"The experience was just a huge perspective shift. The expansiveness beyond my thoughts.

"So grateful.

"Have another one I’m saving to take one day at night. Have heard at night is when plant spirits are awake and too just how so much is revealed in darkness. Looking forward to the experience.

"Thank you.”

An anonymous review of our Sun Opener Datura Truffles (now our Aztec Sun God Nightshade Truffles) from a regular customer: “Also, wow the Sun Opener Datura Truffle. I ate it before I went to bed and laid there and I felt the most beautiful sensation come over me. I’ve been struggling for weeks with sadness and bounding thoughts. I woke up sooooo fucking happy. Ready to go and do things! It was amazing. I asked the truffle as I rested to help me align with my ancestors and my heart... yay!!"


Shared experience/review by @theowloracle made extra cool with all of the embroidery floss in the photos 🖤 “🌈Rainbow Heyoka Truffle🌈
"Yesterday was my second time enjoying one of these truffles, and I've been trying to find the right words to describe my experience. I only had one, but due to certain factors (like being in a fasted state), one truffle was all it took for me to get gently slapped in the face by the effects of these plants and their energies. 🌿⚡
"I find the combination of Belladonna and Datura to be especially lovely to work with, which is why I've added the Pan's Nightshade Truffle to my ever-growing list of emporiumblack13 truffles to try. 😊
"Lately for me, my mental health and my spirituality have been inextricably bound together in a way that I have found to be very healing. I've been having a good and proper look at things, both past and present, as objectively as possible. This process has altered my perspective on a lot including the way I see the world and the way I understand life. The items in this particular arrangement are of significance and they are personal to me in ways that I would prefer to keep private. I promise it wasn't JUST an excuse to show off my awesome embroidery thread organization. 😅”

From @cosmicwyrd: “You go on ahead. I'm fine just here.

"This is about 30 minutes after eating a Forest Faerie Nightshade Truffle made by the talented @emporiumblack13 and kindly gifted to me by @hexxrexx ✨ I went to the woods just to wander and forage for toadstools. I found I had more energy than usual and the woods beckoned me further and further to unexplored parts. I meditated for a while under this tree and felt a part of all that was around me. In a wonderful haze I walked further on and came upon a running stream. I took my shoes off and dipped my feet in the icy water. I felt at home and didn't want to leave. In the end I had to go and on the very edge of the wood was a solitary fly agaric mushroom waiting for me 🍄"


From a newer customer I’m enjoying getting to know: “On a day when I needed counsel on the occasion of a friendly acquaintance’s untimely passing, I turned to the Vegan Dreamer Nightshade Truffle respectfully asking for some clarity.

I sat in front of a little altar I made, lit a candle, and dropped in. The journey in with this one was intense but very safe. I trusted the process and also that whatever news I was going to receive, it was going to be okay. E’s presence was literally tangible. Sensation around my hairline signaled contact and I understood that she was deep inside the tunnel of passing. She seemed childlike, impish as if exploring the space where she was, and intrigued by my presence and witnessing. I came back with the clarity I asked for: that there was no return for her. Sad as this was, it also cleaned me out and left a deep sense of peace about any responsibility to do work and call her back beyond my capacity. She was gone within the next 48 hours and gave an incredible sense of gentle connectedness to all of us who are still in disbelief and reeling from the shock of how quickly and unexpectedly we lost her. March was a tough month - but awakening in so many ways!!”

From a new customer: “The unimaginable happened after your sampler package arrived because even though I thought it would take a while for me to reach for the first truffle, the first one called out to me the next day, the Belladonna Rose Truffle. I will never forget this one. I had a pretty challenging day and was intensely feeling the push and pull, the wild ride the whole month of March seemed to have been. Death and birth. Lost at sea but the first signs of shore already showing. And hot and cold. This was my day and I needed a hug. I needed to be held in a deep luscious embrace. I also distinctly remember thinking, if I I fell asleep forever in such an embrace, that’d be okay. You see, I have been having night sweats for the past two months at least, and my sleep has been effected. I settled with the Belladonna Rose Truffle and a candle and courageously stepped forth. In an instant!, no lie, immediately my entire being relaxed as I let the truffle melt on my tongue.

"My core cleared and I was bathed in the scent of Rose. And then I felt it. The embrace I have longed for, that deep holding that is sensual yet trust-inducing, inviting, and intoxicating, and so pleasurable one feels like dying, and as if for the first time, exhilarated by being alive, taking to wings. I was in it. Just where I wanted to be. I haven’t felt this relaxed and exuberant probably in months, maybe years. It was exquisite. Beautiful. And it filled me up to the brink. I slipped into sleep and dreamed of bleeding with the moon. That night, no night sweats. I woke rested and transformed. And I had an amazing conversation about this embrace with my husband. To be continued because before the week ended, I consume two more. I would like to share those experiences too.”

MQbite comp.jpg

Review of The May Queen Nightshade Truffle (now the Pleiadian Moon Nightshade Truffle) by Octavia Dulenty​, “The May Queen Nightshade Truffle (now the Pleiadian Moon Nightshade Truffle) from @emporiumblack13 is tantalizing to all the senses.
"Take one bite, then you take another. Upon that second bite of this beautiful truffle I felt warmth in my hands, like energy returning. The Henbane responds quickly to me.
"My sense of smell becomes heightened as I could smell this very distinct sweet smell traveling upon the air, something that could only be detected from the deepest of inhalations. A scent no normal nose could pick up. It was sweet smelling and oh so delicious to experience.
"This truffle had me feeling like a Goddess Queen from the time of the Amazonians. This reclamation of a powerful energy rising within me. Is this what it feels like to be a fireball? I pondered.
"Inhale, I take it all in. Exhale, I ease into these sensations as they come.
"Next my sense of hearing is heightened. I can hear every conversation being had around me. I feel such calm. A gentle loving caress of my heart as I navigate through these remembered senses. "Observing how overwhelment wants to come forward. Is this what it feels like to feel it all on every level all at once? Which in the past used to leave me feeling quite anxious, but with the beautiful comfort of the Henbane ally, I felt grounded and calm while flowing through these enchanting energies. A suspension within the veil.
"These wonderful sensations dancing into place.
"A sweet taste fills the back of my throat. I am grounded in this experience. I am relaxed and at peace.
"May Queen's Nightshade Truffle (now the Pleiadian Moon Nightshade Truffle) is like a deep beautiful romance within and without. An orgy of the senses, feeling into it all as I receive deeper into myself. A slow, deep penetration. I am aligned. Feeling like a powerful lover as I penetrate within the void. This supple body with juices flowing like the juiciest of sacred fruits. This is what it feels like to be in your feminine prowess!
"A message that comes through as I reach the end of this adventure: The expression of Love is unique to everyone.
"Enjoy. Embrace your wild and crazy love. You are the one you have been waiting for.
"Take these wings and fly.”