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What to expect when you eat one of our Nightshade Truffles. I recommend starting by slowly and thoughtfully eating just half of a truffle. Within fifteen minutes you should know if you’ll want the other half. In my experience with these sacred plants (which spans approximately 30 years) the ultimate experiences that we have from ingesting them has much to do with the intent and frame of mind we have when ingesting them. Don’t be afraid to ask them to open your mind to their teachings as you spend some time with your truffle before consuming. Also, if once you ingest your truffle you try to just go on with daily life as normal with the plant in you, you will miss a large potential for what the experience could have been. The more meditative type of a state you can be in after ingesting these the more powerful the experience should be. Try sitting silently in a comfortable environment or walking or sitting quietly in nature. The more you work with the truffles the easier it will be to follow their lead. When we find this tranquil space and are open to receiving their gifts, these plants can show us clarity that we have never known, insights that we had never considered, and healing of old psychic wounds. They can create paradigm shifts in our thoughts and behavior. They can thin the veil and help us find doors we never knew existed.. They can help us fly and find true freedom. Living on an Indian Reservation for 5 years and being heavily involved with the Native American Church (peyote) taught me a lot of this, but since then I have never met a sacred plant medicine that did not follow what I listed above. The amount of these truffles you’d have to consume to truly hallucinate is not only very large but a lot of these plants can be quite dangerous at that level and the hallucinations are often not the enjoyable kind. These plants are more visionary. They can help us achieve a gently altered state where we can have closed eyed visions and powerful insight but it’s something we work with the plant to achieve and need to be in more of a meditative state to even experience. If there are distractions around you’ll probably just feel more of a pleasant and milder euphoria with most of them. The quieter your mind & the more you can let go of control, the more you’ll get from the truffles. Keep in mind that experiences will vary (more on this elsewhere). It took some time to ascertain what would be the perfect amount to put into each truffle that would give a noticeable and pleasing experience to a large group of people and never be overwhelming but at the same time not necessitate the need for the majority to eat more than one truffle at a sitting to get the desired effect. Please be well hydrated before you eat our Nightshade Truffles and never share these truffles with minors. Please check out the ‘Tips from Seamus’ & ‘Customer Experiences’ tabs in our store for more helpful information.


It can be tricky to describe what the (nightshade) truffles can and can’t do. The truffles will not make anyone hallucinate or ‘trip’ and I do not just say this for legal reasons or so I can get away with selling them. (Eating large amounts of truffles in one session will not change any of this and should not be done.) The truffles are to help commune with plant spirits and tap into plant consciousness on a much deeper level. The plants can communicate with us in many ways. It is not uncommon to have them communicate in a visionary way. When you hear people speak of visionary experiences (from eating truffles) it must be understood that these are pictures and images that are put in their/our head by the plant spirits as a form of communication and teaching and that people are not actually seeing these things in reality. It’s a distinction that is clear to the person experiencing it. It’s more like a waking dream. There is an expansion of consciousness that happens to allow for this, but no one is losing touch with reality or this plane while it happens. The imagery will often explain itself and give us deep insights and understanding which we may not have been capable of finding on our own. Sometimes shifts in mood and well-being can also happen even though people may not have been aware of any distinct communication from the plant spirits. This is still their gift, their influence. The truffles are still working. Likewise, sometimes after eating one you may find big bursts of creativity or an artistic block frees itself. It isn't a coincidence. It came from communing with those plant spirits and their direct influence on us. It may be that some people are more visual and that the plants are more likely to communicate that way with those people or it really may just be the plants' will and their knowing what's  best for us at any given moment. I can definitely say that our experiences with plant consciousness and the way we are able to interpret what they are relaying on a day to day basis is ever changing. They are nobody's one-trick pony and the varieties of experiences we can all have echoes the perfect symphony of impermanence.


‘None of these truffles are going to be the same for everyone and the experiences each person has with each particular truffle can vary greatly over time. That's because we're working with plant spirits and not drugs. I know it can be hard for people to break free of the drug think mentality and it's one of the reasons I try to avoid words like 'dose'. We form relationships with these spirits and they can really guide us and help us. Everyone is different so their relationships with each spirit and each truffle with its particular blends is going to be different, and as we continue to grow, the spirits present themselves differently. They understand our needs so much more than we are able to. It's one of the many wonderful things about working with these plants like this and a great reminder that the more we keep our minds free of expectations and surrender to the plant spirits, the better our experiences should be. 😊🖤🐝🧚‍♂️

Kathryn Solie of @persephonespath interviewed Seamus about his journey to creating the truffles.  They discuss his time working with the Native American Church, living on a reservation, and how this inspired his vision for the truffles.  He explains how his relationship with the plants has developed and how their influence guides the creation of each truffle.  They also delve into their individual understandings of working with these plants and discover how similar their views really are!  Click on the button below and get to know more about the creator of these beautiful truffles.

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Mandrake was the nightshade that initially called out to me. I suddenly, out of the blue, just became obsessed with it. I come from a different background and wasn’t really familiar with the more Euro based occult and witchcraft practitioners that had been working with it for years so I did not have any prior information on it, accurate or not. I was never someone to watch movies or television series on such things either. The subject was simply not on my radar when I was deep into my walk on the Red Road and honestly a lot of these things happened after my time. I had never heard of the Poison Path, but it wasn’t long before I did. The more I learned the more I saw and believed that these nightshades were what the original Europeans were using for their own shamanic type work when they were still tribal and did not seek out advancement. I believed and still do that these personal connections to these plants carried through to witchcraft and the other euro centered occult practices that developed as these societies continued to reach for progress and become more and more disconnected from who they once were, yet these practitioners still scrambled to stay connected. It made me finally start to feel connected to my own roots after a lifetime of not feeling that way and after finding my home on Indian reservations and with another culture entirely. I’ve never known of an indiginous people who did not work with sacred plants as entheogens. Most still have practitioners who still haven’t let go. It gave me a new respect

and hope for the culture I was born into to find and see this connection, this prescription to find our way back. Maybe I could finally find a feeling of belonging. I remember being dumbfounded when I realized that these flying ointments I kept hearing about were only used topically. It was so contrary to everything the plants were showing me. But that doesn't mean anyone was wrong. This was merely the message I got, that these plants needed to be given back to the people (The exact words are not a new message or one exclusive to me) People needed to ingest these plants for a more profound level of healing. A bigger healing. The Plants can heal in many other ways, but this was the way I kept being shown and it was so similar to my work with the Native American Church and other indigenous practices I had already been led to on my path. It became very clear to me that I was to spread this news in order to give the plants back. I was aware that ingesting can be tricky (for safety reasons) and there was an abundance of misinformation out there that inflamed and hyper enforced the dangers to the point that when I first introduced the truffles it was almost an unthinkable that I should do such a thing. In many indigenous cultures different people have different gifts and callings. Just like other indigenous cultures, I think when we were more of a tribal people still and these plants were used as entheogens that there would have been certain people who ran these ceremonies, and specialized in helping people in these ways with these plants. It's not something lots of people would figure out and do on their own just like you don’t see that in today’s indigenous cultures. I do think I have a unique calling for this, but I say that because I think we all have unique callings and each of our callings is different. I am on my road. I realize it is not the Poison Path, though I know many who walk that path that I call brothers, sisters, and friends. These plants can heal in so many ways regardless of your personal beliefs and I feel so good knowing that I have customers who work with my truffles from all walks of life including Christianity and locations all over the globe. Whether you work with these truffles with ceremonies specific to your beliefs or from a place where science is god, or however it is you are called to work with them, then I am happy. These plants are calling to more and more people and to me it is beautiful how many different paths are called. I am just here to do what I was called to do and that is to make working with these plants in this way more accessible to everyone.

For me it’s more that these plants are one of the best facilitators out there to help us achieve the paradigm shifts needed to free ourselves from our learned outlooks on things such as education, teaching, academia, learning, higher consciousness, etc. Once we are free of them we can start seeing how much that old thinking limited us, not just plant work, but in so many other avenues as well. I actually think this is a big part of how white people originally started losing their (our) way so much faster and at a much more accelerated rate than so many of the other peoples of the world - the quest for outward knowledge and progress in general. I don’t hear it discussed much but I do think it’s important that when we say that the world lost its way to remember there are still plenty of indiginous people around the globe who have not. The plants aren’t necessarily just sharing their memories because we forgot ours. I believe the plants can also help restore our own memories. The more those paradigm shifts in our thinking regarding how we think our brains as well as everything else must be as an absolute happen, the freer we become and more able we are to receive from not only the plants but ancestors, helper spirits, primordial truths..none of these things really need labels even. What I am saying here was a way of life when I was living on the Rez amongst spiritual people, gifted healers, and sacred communities. It’s only me leaving that life and coming back to this world that I am trying to sort through it all and understand where all of the disconnects are.

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Academia suggests a hierarchy where people become advanced in particular fields of study and while in academia I guess it is empirically true and measurable, to me there is an oddness that we so often seem to use the same measures on our own spiritual paths. Most of us have learned the benefit of looking at things with a beginner's mind..a clean slate it can be called as well…to catch all of the nuances we may otherwise miss if we had already created in our mind what something is supposed to be. We are all just beginners on our journeys. We may mature along the way, I think that is the point even, to mature spiritually. I think when we are able to take what we are learning and apply it to our lives successfully and see the quality of our life and well being improve that is maturing spiritually, where as someone who is busy taking in all of the lessons and not able to apply them successfully to their life yet is merely at a younger state. Not a lesser state, just younger. I think eventually we all get there in the way we are supposed to get there on our own unique paths. We can take all of the classes and read all of the books we want but if we don't take some serious down time to integrate these things into our own lives is it really helping? Or is it feeding into the notion of becoming “advanced”? For me, I don’t ever want to be a teacher, I’d rather be a helper and that is what I consider myself. What a different world it would be if we replaced the hierarchies of advanced and beginners with people reaching out to help one another when we are able and how we are able. What better way to help others than to take the process of our own spiritual maturing seriously and claim responsibility for it. When we become responsible for our own healing and well being we become like the Ace of Cups, overflowing with clean energy and beauty that we may spill onto others.

Each nightshade truffle we make has endless stages of intention thoughtfully worked into them. We grow most of our own plants and make all of our own oils, tinctures and brews. The 19 different varieties of truffle fillings are handmade in small batches with hand chopped chocolate. Once cooled, the truffle filling is individually portioned by weight and then hand shaped. Once the balls are set, each one is hand dipped in melted chocolate. As soon as each truffle is dipped, a tiny chocolate skull, each of which is meticulously hand molded one at a time, is placed on the truffle. Once cool I give each truffle an extra dab of chocolate on the bottom to ensure a good cover which prolongs the truffle’s shelf life. After that each truffle is hand trimmed and then placed in its own paper cup. Brighid then wraps each truffle in the green cellophane (and she cuts all of the cellophane by hand too I’ll note because it’s her least favorite job and I really appreciate that she does it). Then she ties the cellophane with a piece of hemp cord and trims each package to make it ‘just so’. Stickers are cut from the sheets we print out and applied to the little white boxes that we put together which nest the little green packages of sacred plant medicine perfectly. I could continue but frankly I think you all probably get the idea by this point.

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I’m harvesting some Henbane tonight and getting it ready for processing because this is what the plants led me to do. It can be tricky being amongst so many practitioners who come from completely different traditions than my own. It ultimately makes me stronger in my own medicine but a lot of what makes that happen is accepting how different my own walk is and to not try to conform or question my ways because everyone else suddenly does things a different way and many sound pretty sure that that is the way something should be done. But I have the greatest success and feel the strongest when I listen to the guidance that comes deep from within and is more harmonious with my background on the Red Road. I tried changing my gardening habits to follow astrological cycles and moon risings and though it produces wonderful results for many of my friends and peers, for myself, the more I tried, the less plugged into my plants I became. And I later realized it was because I had started to doubt my own ways by thinking another way must be better. They have their own medicine and I have my own. We need to be careful that we don’t just pick up a medicine and think it’s our own because it’s either attractive and cool (like Wolf medicine for example) or because everyone else seems to have it or do it a certain way. Someone else's medicine is their own personal medicine. No matter how exact we are in trying to duplicate someone else’s medicine, it will never work as well as for the original person and that’s a beautiful thing. We are all unique and our medicine is all special and unique to each one of us. We need to trust our ancestors and guides and trust that really is them whispering in our ears even if they are leading us down a road that looks nothing like anyone else's. So tonight I heard the call and went to my henbanes. I had planned to let them go and get more seeds from them before harvesting but that’s not what they guided me to do tonight. Their leaves were incredibly sticky and fragrant, more so than usual. They were and are ready to give themselves to the truffles and who am I to question their guidance, so sticky henbane in hand, I cut the plants to small pieces and begin the process. ^_^

Try to at least temporarily let go of everything they may have already learned about a particular plant and its attributes and any other preconceived ideas about it, no matter how common the ideas may seem to be, before eating one of these truffles. Preconceived beliefs and mindsets tend to confine potential experiences to fit into the parameters that accompany those beliefs and mindsets. We are like the plant spirits’ children and they will develop unique and powerful relationships with each one of us as individuals. Each one of us may know sides of a plant spirit that someone else may never see because of that unique and personal connection with the plant spirit we each can have. When we approach them with nothing but love and pure intent, their love, compassion and gentleness for us is all the more clear. Give yourself the chance to form that completely special and unique relationship with the plant spirits by removing those boundaries of preconceived thoughts and opinions.The rewards in what they can teach you, show you and how deep they can heal you because of it could be well worth the effort.

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Q: Do you develop a tolerance for the different compounds in the truffles? Is the experience the same/ predictable given everything else in your environment is relatively stable?
A: The experiences can change but you will find that even though they can be extremely profound, the ‘feel’ is always very subtle. you really have to meet the plant half way. Shrooms will make you trip whether you like it or not, and some strong cannabis will make you really stoned like it or not and with both you have to just wait for it to leave your system and start wearing off. With the nightshades you have to surrender to them. the more you are able to do this, the bigger the experience. If you have distractions you may not even be able to feel them or if you do you may only be mildly aware of a gentle feeling of euphoria. The trick is letting go of the need to control as well as our expectations of what we think should happen. The plants take us where they want to take us and show us what they want to show us And that's a great thing. The plants really do seem to know better than we do. That's why we are using them. That's why I use them. That's why they can be so instrumental in causing large shifts in thinking
I also meant to say with the experiences, that you can turn them off at any time by consciously distracting yourself. Again you may still feel the gentle euphoria but the conscious communication with the plants will cease. That's that having to meet them halfway part.
..and then from a previous post: “I think you’ll find with continued use that it may take less (truffle) to get to that same place which is partially why I don't offer a stronger variety. They are all quite strong as they are now, it just takes a little practice to work with them. When we eat them we are learning to use new parts of our brain and learning to exercise with muscles we've never used before. The more we do and practice these new things the more proficient and successful we become. There is only so much of the work the plant can do for us. We need to learn how to work with them and that is the part that takes practice. ^_^”

There are people we meet on our paths that regardless of what they call themselves, we later realize they were our teachers. We end up learning things from them that forever shaped our walks. I have been working with our Sun King truffle lately and I have been feeling its influence weaving in and out of my consciousness even on the days I’m not actually eating them. After waking up I again noticed there was something heavy lingering beyond my reach so I sat down and meditated and the Sun King's influence was palpable. I then heard a song I have not heard in ages. It was a song that belonged to one of my greatest teachers and they had learned it from their grandmother. Today I heard the Grandmother sing it for the first time, for she had passed over long before I had met my remembered friend. It’s in a language I do not speak, yet today I understood her words. I had parted ways with her grandchild a couple of decades ago after I saw a great darkness and sickness in them that I could not reconcile and today she asked me why I never tried anything to help heal her grandchild the way that her grandchild gave much of their own life to healing and helping others including myself. Wow. Honestly it had never even occurred to me. In my mind certain things were unforgivable and that kind of thinking was becoming my own darkness and sickness. I humbly apologized to both her and her grandchild and all others that were witnessing my up-until-now shortsightedness and then she and I did a healing ceremony for her grandchild. We stood in a fire and sang her song with a drum beating a heartbeat in the background. On every first beat she and I merged and became one, a tall presence in the center of the fire. On every second beat we split and became two while never losing the connection. Back and forth we worked our healing and I learned so much about this medicine that we all share. I feel contented and cleansed. I feel free and unburdened. I never realized how much this weighed me down. I try not to tell people what to expect from a particular truffle or plant because the truth is, only the plant knows. If we go into an experience with expectations and parameters it's like we are setting up our ceremony in a box with rigid sides making it difficult for it to become anything else. We need to trust ourselves and trust all that are out there trying to help us. Just like we may not realize someone was a teacher at first glance, we may not realize the gifts and the teaching that await us when part of us thinks we somehow understand them already. 

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As with anything else you are going to run into numerous schools of thought when it comes to people’s thinking on these plants even amongst lovers of them. I would not be such a huge advocate for these plants and or even put them in truffles to sell to the public if they were going to make you look at some dark and heavy shit about yourself without the simultaneous helpful insights that show you the road to healing, growth, and a productive new sense of awareness. I would not be such a huge advocate for these plants or even put them in truffles for general use if I believed they might stir up uncomfortable feelings and insights that leave anyone feeling overwhelmed and/or exposed with no sense of resolution. These plants (and these truffles) will not leave you hanging. I think there are some more common schools of thought that seem to say these plants are to help with a slow and uncomfortable process of growth and that the work that you do with them is some kind of purposefully uncomfortable burden and sacrifice that some people take up for some greater purpose. That’s just not my experience with any of them at all nor is it what I’m hearing back from customers. On the contrary, these plants are beautiful and they can help us see what is usually painful and uncomfortable in new and beautiful ways because they show us a deeper picture filled with timeless wisdom that we may have had trouble accessing on our own. They can offer great relief, breakthroughs, and freedom. I try to post lots of suggestions on how to use them in the most productive and healing ways. (You can find those posts on our social media accounts as well as in our store) It sounds so cliche but I frequently say, keep it simple. Why make shadow work harder than it has to be. Go into it with the intention to heal and grow through insight and awareness and let go of that desire to analyze it all. The older I get, the truer it seems to be that the more I can let go of trying to analyze and understand everything, the freer and happier I become. I find that the unburdened mind is fertile ground for gifts of new insight that continue to not only make my life easier but I believe also make me a better person and help me realize my potential and ultimately what I can give back to the world. These plants help us walk in beauty. Let them do just that.

For me, a big part of working with these nightshade truffles and these plants is learning to tune in and trust our own inner voice and the guidance we are given from the plants and any other guides that are reaching out to us rather than having someone else tell us what something is or how something should be done. So many people are reaching out to their ancestors and other spirits and this is such a great way to wean ourselves off of a dependence on a middleman or books that may of may not be correct in what they are telling us. 😊🌈🐝

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I’ve been thinking again how for years I was drawn to the dark and had come to accept that it was just part of who I am but that since I’ve been making and working with these truffles and the plants inside of them, my personal medicine keeps getting lighter and brighter. In fact I find I am not really pulled to the dark anymore. It’s been an unexpected shift that I’ve been observing without judgement. The plants and therefore these truffles can be great for shadow work. That seems to be how a lot of people use them. My path and background is firmly rooted in both the Red Road and the Peyote Road and when I created these truffles it was in an effort bridge those Roads that I walk with the paths of non Native American pagans in a respectful way and help non Native Americans commune on a deeper level with the plants like I had learned in the peyote ceremonies. These experiences can help you delve into deeper darker parts of yourself, but to me what makes the plants so special and so sacred is that they can and will heal you. If you use the truffles to dig deep into your psyche, don‘t just steep in it once you are there, we must choose action and let the plants help us move forward and accept the gift of their healing. Don’t focus on only the dark, see the dark and then look for that light right behind it and let the plant show you how to heal. Staying in the dark murky waters is a choice. Let the plants do what they do so well. Look for their light and follow it. Take action and let them change your life. 🎉🥰🦢🐝🌈💚


It can be cathartic to accept that the plants really will form a relationship that is unique and special to each one of us as independent individuals. This isn't a drug or medication that is designed to affect everyone the same way. The plants in our truffles have so much more to offer and one of the greatest things that they do offer is their ability recognise each person's needs and how best to help and heal each person based on their own particular strengths and weaknesses. They can see us better than we see ourselves and can give us great insights into ourselves because of this. It’s about really understanding, accepting, and applying the concept that the plants are more than just plants and not just giving it lip service. As humans we all form unique relationships with individuals, animals why wouldn’t/couldn’t it be the same with plants? This whole concept is a big part of the philosophy behind not only these truffles but in working with sacred plant medicines in general. Plants are sacred because they are indeed much more than ‘just plants’ or even ‘healing plants’ These plants know they can heal and guide and can do so with intent. In the same vein. Trust in that..even if in the beginning you’re just trying to trust in that, it can make all of the difference in how deep your experiences with these nightshade truffles can be.I always recommend that people empty their mind and read through all of the descriptions with no predetermined ideas of what something should be or overthinking the descriptions. Certain flavors should stick out for no real reason...they're calling to you. In the same vein, different plants may call to us the following week, month or year because we are constantly evolving. Trust your gut, the greatest wisdom and teachings can often come from within…We have now started to add personality profiles by plant as another way to help people find what calls to them most. There are also various different sampler packages (including the option to have me pick for you) at the bottom of the products page if you still can't decide. ^_^

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Even without ingesting the kinds of plants we put in our chocolate nightshade truffles, when using advanced meditation techniques in various practices, which can take years to master, people can experience encounters with spirits or entities, psychic abilities, out-of-body experiences, bright lights or colors, visions, past lives, etc because of the deep states of meditation (trance) that can be achieved. When you eat one of our nightshade truffles with clean intention and meditate, the plants can help get to those same places regardless of experience. If you are lucky enough to have lots of meditation experience or have a natural proclivity to trance work then the truffles still will help. They help us go deeper and heighten our senses which can lead to remarkable and profound experiences. 🖤💚

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Part of a powerful journey I had with Belladonna whose imagery suddenly keeps coming back to me is where the main image was a big strong woman paddling a canoe in still water. She was standing sturdily while doing so and she was adorned in a tunic and cloak made of all kind of different feathers and the main message was I should remember, love, honor and still hold a place for that strong powerful woman I lived as for fifty years regardless of my frustrations, confusion, and resentment towards her that built during the years until I finally came out as transgender and started my transition to male. It was extremely healing for me. 🌈🦢🤍

The idea that people in their fifties and sixties are ‘old’ I am finally realizing must be the construct of younger people. I’m going to turn 56 the day after Christmas and I do not feel old at all. I may not feel old, but I do appreciate the wisdom that is inherent with being on the earth this many years. It's ironically the same wisdom so many youth think they have prematurely and they (like I used to) will say that age doesn't mean anything and feel they are wise beyond their years. I spent a lifetime being told I was wise beyond my years, in fact, and now I look back and it's the funniest thing because what I knew then compared to what I know now, well I see that no matter how wise I may have been at fifteen, twenty-five, thirty-five or whatever age it was, I wasn’t even holding a candle to where I am now. Have I reached the top now? Hell no! LOL. Now I just have a greater appreciation for those born before me. Not because I should, but because my blinders of youth are finally off and I can simply respect that they have been here longer and living their lives longer than those who were born after them. I thought it was maybe a cultural thing or societal thing that a lot of the communities I rub elbows with no longer have elders, not the way that indigenous peoples do and frankly even most POC still do. As white people we are missing out and I am starting to think that maybe it's not our culture but more of the focus we place on youth. That importance and focus on youth I am now thinking is a construct of the youth. I know that’s how my friends and I used to think and I wonder how many of our older friends at the time sat back quietly laughing to themselves knowing that we would someday see the bigger picture. I don’t say this as a slam against people younger than myself, but if it sounds that way I just ask you to keep this idea in the back of your head and revisit it when you start getting into your fifties, sixties and beyond. I have a feeling you may find you too have come to believe this...and you won’t even feel shame for not getting it earlier! Because that (Continued in comments) whole wisdom really starts impacting the way we see things more and more over the years! I’m telling you I should bottle this aging stuff up and sell it. It’s even more misunderstood than the plants I put in these truffles. Don’t be afraid of getting older. Aging isn't the introduction of new limitations, aging is leveling up. It’s a freaking reward. All of your years of pathwork really start to add up and you really start enjoying the fuck out of life in all kinds of new ways and will have decades’ worth of experience to put in to what’s important to you.  😊🦢🖤🤍


Seed pods of three different varieties of Datura metel. There is quite a bit of stigma and bad press about datura seeds. In the beginning I avoided using the seeds in my truffles because I had a fear they would somehow lead to bad experiences...well given everything I had read, it seemed reasonable to think that may be true. One day the plants gave me some new insight that shifted my thinking and took away my fears. Seed pods are the potential for countless as of yet unexpressed lives. Each seed holds the potential for new life and from that life hundreds and even thousands of additional lives can eventually begin. I don’t think we have to expand our minds very much to see how that can be a metaphor for our own lives and the sacred medicine gifts these plants can give us. They can help us awaken countless unrealized potentials in our own selves that can be so profound it is like starting life anew. Today I was reflecting on how it's not uncommon for people to look at the work of an artist or tradesperson and say, “I’ve always wished I could do that” as if all of those people producing such admirable things were born being able to do it that well. The vast majority of artists and crafts/tradespeople have spent years, if not a lifetime, honing their skills to get the results to where they are today. They didn’t take a magic pill. They worked hard because they really wanted it. Do you have something you always wished you could do? The truth is there is no magic bean. Find that seed within you and unlock that unexpressed potential and realize it's never too late to start. We all have that potential to start life anew countless times over if we are willing to really open up and be honest with ourselves. 🦢🌱

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What does the world need right now? I asked this of plants and they answered that what so many people need right now is the permission to feel happiness and joy again. There is an important difference between the joy and happiness that start to emerge from shadow work, soul searching, and a willingness to confront one’s darkest truths vs the empty and false appearance of an assumed joy and happiness that is affected by sheer will but absent of personal growth. The joy and happiness gained by pathwork may not be quick to come but they are as real as the pain and darkness that preceded them. As we gain in spiritual maturity, this balance increasingly gives us momentum as we walk in beauty. We need to protect what we are given, but allowing oneself to experience true happiness and joy is not only healing to ourselves but it can also send out ripples of healing on a global level as well. Drink from the well and pass on its nourishing ways. 🦢🌞🍄🐝🤍🌈

I happened to find this huge Shiva Lingam stone at Goodwill and have spent an awful lot of time holding it in my hands pondering dualities and balance and the like. I marvel at how different the stone’s energy feels in my left hand compared to my right and with all of this I keep coming back to my truffles and these plants I am using in them. I put a truffle in my left hand, then in my right expecting something similar, but it felt the same. I held the truffle gently with both hands and placed it in front of my heart and then in front of my forehead...and again, instead of the pulls I get from the lingam stone, the truffle just has what I realize is a beautifully balanced hum regardless. I wonder if I only notice this because there is so much of my personal medicine in these truffles so maybe I am simply resonating with myself. I’ve been thinking again how for years I was drawn to the dark and had come to accept that it was just part of who I am but that since I’ve been making and working with these truffles and the plants inside of them, my personal medicine keeps getting lighter and brighter. In fact I find I am not really pulled to the dark anymore. It’s been an unexpected shift that I’ve been observing without judgement. The plants and therefore these truffles can be great for shadow work. That seems to be how a lot of people use them. My path and background is firmly rooted in both the Red Road and the Peyote Road and when I created these truffles it was in an effort bridge those Roads that I walk with the paths of non Native American pagans in a respectful way and help non Native Americans commune on a deeper level with the plants like I had learned in the peyote ceremonies. These experiences can help you delve into deeper darker parts of yourself, but to me what makes the plants so special and so sacred is that they can and will heal you. If you use the truffles to dig deep into your psyche, don‘t just steep in it once you are there, we must choose action and let the plants help us move forward and accept the gift of their healing. Don’t focus on only the dark, see the dark and then look for that light right behind it and let the plant show you how to heal. Staying in the dark murky waters is a choice. Let the plants do what they do so well. Look for their light and follow it. Take action and let them change your life.

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I do think it is important to look at some of the other gifts of these sacred plants (used in our nightshade truffles) besides just expanded consciousness and maybe I failed at expressing that. When I was fifty and I said something profound happened and it was like my life finally began, I was referring to the fact that it was at age 50 when I finally came to grips with the fact that I was not only transgender but then I also started transitioning to male after living for 50 years as a female. I do feel that transcends the idea of non-linear time. That really is something more of a complete paradigm shift in everything and so yeah, at 50 my life really did begin. It's when my life as a man started, it’s when I finally came to terms with my truest self and could therefore finally live it. I was free at last. For the previous 49 years this possibility had never even crossed my mind..I think it is important to bring this up because I would assume all if not most of us have known extended periods in our lives where great depths of dissatisfaction with our lives and/or deep-set depression made a feeling of no change or relief in sight, understandably unbearable. The hope that there was something completely out of the box or something we’d never conceive of could suddenly happen one day and that could change everything was perhaps the only thing that kept some of us going. I know it was that way for me at least. So yeah, at fifty that actually did happen to me and suddenly all of those years of pain were worth it because I am finally free. When these plants reminded me that even though I feel happy and fulfilled now, we still never know what the next moment may bring, and in a snap of the finger, all of reality could again change for me just as suddenly as it did at 50. I am forever the optimist, so to me this is a great thing. I was grateful for this insight and wanted to make sure that this message of hope and beauty and healing ….and that all of the pain we have experienced may someday reveal an ultimate beauty that opens a door. A door like the one that opened for me when I was 50 and a door like the many more these plants reminded me are still out there. ^_^

When writers and teachers express universal truths and sign them as their own thoughts they may be denying their followers, students, and readers the chance to hear those truths and let them resonate deep within and grow stronger in knowing that something that came to them came to others too and that it is a belief and a truth that has been shared, experienced, and known since perhaps the dawn of time. Those experiences can be so empowering on our path and really help us come into our own personal medicine. Assigning universal thoughts to yourself when people who are seeking come to you denies people a chance to find strength in their own sacred truths and reconnecting to the truths whispered in their ears by their ancestors who were gathered around them the moment they were born. We all know so much more than we realize. Try to find people, things, and places that help you tap into your own well. We are all unique and we will never know what is truly meant for us if we keep going to others to tell us. Those answers are only found within. More food for thought. 🦢🐍🤍🌱 (Art by @hagroot)

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I have battled with insomnia since early childhood and have seen many specialists. I've used medications but my body is really efficient at adapting which makes every 'cure' I've ever found temporary at best because it's just a matter of time before my body adapts to the change and I once again have insomnia. Good sleep hygiene is a must (google it if it's not something you have spent much time really does help ❤) ..Now onto the Datura part. I think Datura is useful for occasional help but to me it's not so much helpful because she/he will make you sleep, but rather Datura helps because she is a healer by nature. She can help give us insight into what we can do to find better sleep, she can heal psychic wounds and blocks preventing good sleep, she can bridge communication from the other side or wherever so that ancestors and other helpers can more clearly guide us as to the plants that may help us and how to use those plants or where to find more information. She can work with us, teach us, and heal us in ways we may not even be conscious of. For me Datura (and a lot of similar nightshades) are not so much of a literal medicine to be used like a Band-Aid as they are a spiritual medicine to be used with intent and awareness which is why I call them sacred medicines...This is how I am called to use them and how they reveal themselves to me. Different people are sure to have their own unique relationships with each plant so the same may not be true for everyone else. 💚😊

To me, all of the truffles can be used in an enormous amount of different ways and I try to avoid labeling what one is for because it can prevent people from seeing all of the uses outside of any one label, that said, to me one of the many things that the Pan’s Nightshade Truffle has always been to me even in its time of inception was that it was focused on male energy and that is in the sense that all people regardless of gender carry both male and female energy. It had always been my plan to create a female energy counterpart to the Pan’s truffle and Aphrodite’s Nightshade truffle is the final result almost a year and a half later. Balance with a capital B, baby. 😉🖤🤍

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More tips on surrendering to the plants in these truffles: Sit quietly with your eyes closed. In your mind's eye, visualize how your lungs and ribcage expand and contract. Follow the rhythm fully and ride each cycle’s wave to its fullest extent. Try to be aware of the complete openness and connected fluidity in expansion (expansion of lungs and ribcage/slow inhaling) with the universe/creation/energy balanced by the nurturing and earthy, grounded hug of contraction (contraction of lungs/slow exhaling). Notice the pause at the end of contraction before expansion starts again. It is more silent and still then the calmest waters. Focus on that completely tranquil and silent spot as long as you can without having to hold your breath. Try to stretch that perfect calm and silent spot back into expansion and if you lose it, don’t judge that you lost it, just reconnect with it at the end of the next contraction. Keep working on holding and stretching that tranquil stillness spot. That is the spot to cross over, to let go, to surrender. That is the spot where the plants in the truffles are waiting for you. Letting go on this level can cause fears and anxieties to arise for some...the unconscious fear of losing your sense of self...if you start experiencing it, know that it is a common instinct for some and rest assured you will not get lost by surrendering. The sensation can happen with deep meditation regardless if you are working with entheogens or not. Observe the anxiety without judgement and try to release it with the expansion and be comforted by the perfect stillness at the end of contraction.🦢

More Seamus truffle tips: When we sink into deeper meditative/trance states we are able to leave this plane/realm of consciousness/reality that we usually inhabit and drop into deeper and deeper realms. As we start descending, the plant spirits’ presence becomes exponentially more apparent. When we can let go of our sense of self and be mere observers, the plant spirits with the truffles have greater opportunity to sing their sacred songs and dance their sacred dances which can in turn give us visions and profound realizations, insights and healing. Once we start getting to the places where we are able to start having deeper and more powerful experience with the truffles there can be a natural inclination to try to jump into the grasp at it, consciously participate in it, control it, and read into its meaning instantly rather than to let all of it unfold organically. It is always best to resist this urge and to instead just silently observe without judgement or analyzing...even if we can see ourselves out of body..just watch and listen. Watch and listen as that part of your self talks with an ancestor, or spirit, or whatever and the more you resist in actually participating, the more real the experience will become and the deeper and more fully you can submerge into those deeper realms. When we try to directly participate in these kinds of experiences, oftentimes we will get bounced out of the experience because our desire/instinct to take the reins returns us to our normal realm. If we do manage to stay in the experience it will make the experience more dilute and it will always fail to meet its true potential. This all takes practice but these are the ways of shaman, mystics, healers, and monks from around the world for thousands of years regardless if they use sacred plants to help facilitate their work. 🖤🦢

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I strongly believe that everyone forms different and unique relationships with all of the different plants much like parents have different and unique relationships with all of their children (we'd be the children in this case of course  )
So with that said it's listening to the plants and trusting. If one wants to help you it will let you know. I believe we have the potential for much deeper relationships and connections with plants than any cookie cutter understandings could ever give us. The freer we make ourselves from the need to label things the more we remove the ceilings of what things can become. 

Feeding the mandrake jars, a never ending process with these slow growing plants. It’s the only nightshade I do in tincture form because that’s the way mandrake has always guided me to use it. It’s definitely one of my favorite nightshades if not my actual favorite even. Mandrake is the first one to call to me from the nightshades and man, was his/her call strong! I really think they knew these truffles were going to happen long before I ever even thought of them. 🤍🦢🤎😊

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Mandrake buds and flowers. I still don’t get a lot of them and I’ve yet to get one to fruit but they are forever endlessly exciting to find. To me flowers and flower buds offer potential just like a plant’s seeds, but to me they are also very much about coming into our own. They are a fruition of destiny happening in real time and when I add them to the oils that go into our nightshade truffles it’s always done contemplating all of the magic, sacred medicine, and wisdom that comes with each bud and each flower and how it might manifest that way for those who eat the truffles containing them. I use flowers, buds, seeds, and roots of each plant in all of my nightshade preparations so every truffle we make has this potential woven into it. Whether it be coming into your own power or bringing ideas and dreams into play this is one more way that the plants in these truffles can be helpful.🥰


“Lots of years experience working with sacred plant medicines and there is no set recipe for even myself...I mean the truffles have an exact amount but that is only after I make the oils/tinctures and brews...I can use the exact same amount of plant and oil or alcohol and use the exact same process each time, and no two batches (of oil/tincture/brews) will have the exact same feel of strength. I have to continually test them during those stages and make adjustments so they meet my own standardized feel. That then gets measured into the truffles to make sure that the truffles always do have the exact same feel of strength.” My answer on how I deal with the unpredictability of the ever changing alkaloid levels in these plants I use in our Nightshade Truffles.^_^

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The various preparations I make from these plants are the result of years of learning. To me they are not something I could ever teach in a class. Working with these plants is a calling and a lifelong process of building the relationships with each plant and letting them guide me and incorporating that information with everything else I’ve taken in until that point. Preparations (especially for ingestion) are not something to be taken lightly or knowledge that can be acquired after a series of lessons or reading a couple of books. I was lucky enough to be taken under the wings of several different healers and elders along the way. I really believe this style of learning is how these gifts are nurtured. If this is truly in your path, the situations and the right people will appear. I realize most of us live in a culture without these kinds of elders but try to wait for the real ones and not just someone who claims they are. Reflecting back, I never had a teacher who described themselves as a teacher. 🦢🐝

So when I create a new nightshade truffle I’ve learned I shouldn’t do it from a position of control. The truffles lead me and I follow them. They tell me who they are and how to make them and then I get to know them quite intimately during the actual creation and realization of each new variety. It’s only through the creating and realization steps that I really begin to see who a truffle is and what they have to offer as well as the deeper insights about them as a distinct personality, and their attributes and gifts. It’s also when I learn to hear their voice.

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I was sharing with a new friend how when Emporium Black was just a little over half a year old I took a huge risk and quit my full time job and gave up almost everything to relocate and pursue a once in a lifetime opportunity which seemed perfectly in tune with my path and Emporium Black. When I arrived to my new life I found out nothing was as I had been led to believe and I was suddenly homeless, jobless, penniless, and many states from what had been my home and not knowing anyone where I was. I fought to redeem something from this mess and luckily had all of my truffle makings in my car. That risk may not have worked out but it led me to explore doing Emporium Black full time years before I would have otherwise taken that kind of risk so at this point I couldn’t be more grateful. A year and a half later I now look back at my last six months and see how punctuated that time frame has been with risk taking and in the last 24 hours I just took two more risks that were terrifying to contemplate but I let go of the fear and moved forward. Every risk I have taken in the last few years has put me in a better spot than before I took the risk. The results continue to exceed my highest hopes..and also importantly, none of my fears came true. This has not been easy to do, but the more I do it the easier it gets. A friend was saying they had taken some big risks recently as well & pointed out the new moon coming and that a major house cleaning was going on to make room for something big, something new. I’d like to think so, and deep inside there is a hum that says this is true. Risks are scary for all of us but when we are looking for change, risk needs to happen. The bigger risks seem to lead to bigger change. I’ve been a risk taker my whole life so maybe it is easier for me, but I will say that it is only in the last five years or so that those risks are taken with a higher degree of responsibility & maturity & that has greatly changed my success rate in their outcomes. I see more and more that what really stands between us & so many of our dreams as well as becoming the people we’ve always wanted to be is our fear to truly pursue these things. With this upcoming new moon I wonder how many others are experiencing a larger than normal purging happening on their paths? I can’t recommend that a person take a risk. I think it would be rather irresponsible for me to do so. I can only share my own experiences with taking risks and how instrumental it has been in me achieving serious growth on my path...and yes, truffles are great for this kind of work, but really, that's not why I brought this up. ;)


I'm not sure why some people have a hard time connecting with these plants when other people can only eat one bite of a truffle at a time because they find them so strong. As I say in the 'truffle info etc' posts, I really don't think it has much to do with a person's tolerance when it comes to these kinds of plants. The experience really isn't druggy or much like a high at all...just more of they seem to open us up and our the feel is much more of heightened perceptions, awarenesses, and just feeling much more plugged in to nature and/or the Other Side on a deeper intuitive level and these things can help a lot of people go much further with their journeying with a plant spirit when they are doing so in a meditative state. Something I suggest to a lot of customers, once they've tried the truffles and are trying to go deeper is to reread the posts under the ‘Truffles Info Etc/Tips From Seamus’ tab in our store. I often find when I reread information I frequently find something that will have new meaning to me and I attribute it to my belief that we get what we're supposed to get when we're supposed to get it. 

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The plants can teach us and show us stuff that we don't even know exist, more or less know what we need or would like to learn how to do. Peyote was the same. One cool trick it showed me many years ago that I still love is something I think a lot of customers would like trying with the truffles.

After you eat your truffles and you can feel that zone, start focusing on your heartbeat...start really focusing until you can really follow your heartbeat and feel it pulsing through your entire body (this should not be an overwhelming sensation by any means, quite the opposite, in fact). You will notice that your heartbeat will start to slow when you do this and that will deepen the trance state so focus on drawing out the rhythm and feeling it resonate completely and extending throughout countless planes of consciousness. You will find that you can control the speed. Don’t think about what you are doing or try to judge it, just live in that rhythm of the heartbeat.

Now once you have gotten to that point, start trying to focus on the space in between the heartbeats. Start to try to find that space between the heartbeats and when you find that space look for a small window and if you can find a window between the space between the heartbeats you can climb through. It’ll get you in an incredibly deep meditative state and if you can get into the space between your heartbeats and crawl through that window, it’ll hopefully start a journey 💚💜

All of this may take quite a bit of practice and abilities will vary from person to person but I thought I’d start putting more of these tricks out there because I think there may be an interest.^_^

“….These truffles can be great at teaching us to trust what we are given and often it seems the lesson comes as seeing something that runs contrary to everything you've been taught before...maybe you are right and all of those other people are wrong. The question is, do you trust yourself and what you are given enough for that to be a possibility? It's kind of like the truffles themselves. How many countless people have said and written that the nightshades are too poisonous to use like this (like in a truffle) and yet here we are talking about using them this way with no ill effects from doing so. It's pretty cool stuff if you ask me.”

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I never really thought of it before but one of the best things I picked up from living on the rez as long as I did is to stop thinking linearly. Native Americans would frequently say this is how white people think, and that we are confined by our squares and sharp corners. It affects everything in their thinking. There is even a common expression "Indian Time" which was frequently used. Peyote meetings started at dark-thirty. It wasn't a joke. If I asked for clarity it would show how white I was and my inability to let go of the need to make time fit in a box. Events happen when they are supposed to happen, no sooner, no later. After enough time I finally began thinking that way too. It really was one of the greatest gifts I took with me from that time in my life.

You don’t need to ingest nightshades or the other plants I use in our truffles to journey with them so in that same vein, with these truffles and the nightshades in general, more doesn't necessarily take you further or make the connection more intense, the more just helps some of us further let down that guard and control to let that connection happen in the first place. Please don’t ever eat the truffles in excess in search of a wild trip. It’s dangerous and they just don’t work like that. 

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Another kind of work you can do with these truffles is helping yourself through extremely painful times, grief, loss, and horrors, etc from your past that you can't let go of and/or you're having a hard time moving beyond. I just remembered that it was ingesting these kinds of plants that helped me more than anything else I have tried including therapy. They helped remove me from actually feeling the experience and allowed me to see the experience without feeling it so that I could better see how the intense situation fit into my whole path, past and future and the plants always gave me great insight into all of that. It's like you're on another plane looking down so you are no longer attached, just an observer. The new perspective stayed with me once I returned to this plane and after doing this enough times with plants I was able to view things from that other plane and get that same perspective without ingesting plants first. It can be a complete revelation and very empowering.

Something I shared with a customer who was looking to add to the experience, “Maybe a day or two before eating one, build it a special place on your altar or build it its own special altar space to put it to get that intention out there and get you starting to connect with that particular truffle for a couple of days first like that. Let it lead you as to what else to put on the altar. Maybe even a drawing that you make yourself of the plant or that represents the plant.  I only add that last part because right before I came up with the whole truffle idea I had made two extremely time consuming pieces of art. One for mandrake and one for belladonna. I later reflected that I think the plants saw it as my commitment and love for them, like an offering of my own time which in this day and age giving our time to something or someone can be quite the gift and/or sacrifice in itself. I remember while I was creating the artwork I was feeling more and more bonded to the plants too. It took away that feeling of me being an outsider to them perhaps. The creative process was intimacy between us and established that closeness that no one could take away once it happened. Maybe there is something you can create for them..the more you give of yourself the more they give in return. That said I am not one for blood sacrifice. My personal time is far more of a sacrifice and act of love than letting some of my own blood, but that's just me and my personal path. I guess the whole point is it needs to be deeply personal. <3”

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“Even for myself, sometimes I need two (truffles to get a full experience) but sometimes half a truffle from the same batch will come on so fast and strong that there is no way to miss it. Like I'll be eating a truffle and before I'm even done with it I am extremely aware of the plant spirit’s presence. Personally, I can not find a rhyme or reason to it and can't help but think a bit of it must be at the plant spirit's will and how they choose to work with us each time and what they have to show us. Just because we are consciously less aware does not mean they are not still guiding and teaching in a profound way. I truly believe they are much more evolved spiritually than we are. That's why I frequently speak of the need to surrender oneself to them after eating a truffle. We may think we are in control of them but that's an illusion that only appears in this plane of consciousness. Again, this is just my own thinking over the years.”

I have a couple of new customers who I have been working with to help them get to a full experience from their truffles and the above was something I replied to one of them this morning. From the majority of feedback I get, one truffle seems to be enough for the bulk of customers to have a noticeable experience though sometimes it may take a couple of tries to get there when first starting working with these medicines in this way. Customer feedback is something I value greatly and I use it to determine when and if adjustments need to be made to my formulas. One truffle should be enough for most, but some may need two.

Breakfast of champions. It may not occur to people to eat a nightshade truffle first thing in the morning but in fact one of my favorite times to eat one is after a cup of coffee and maybe a light breakfast. Whether or not I choose to meditate following, I always find that I’m extremely ‘plugged in’ for the rest of the day. My ancestors’ presence and communication is so strong it’s like they are physically in the room and very much alive spending the day with me cheerfully letting me in on old secrets and helping me see things I had missed before. It really has helped me see how much I am part of my own blood lines' circle of life and how much that needs to be celebrated. 🥰🦢

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A friend/customer was asking if I could share information about a connection they heard of between Datura and a certain animal spirit medicine as they carry that animal spirit medicine themselves.

“It's great that you get that from your personal relationship from Datura. If that's what Datura told you it's part of your relationship and connection with the plant but in general I am not a fan of making generalized associations or classifications of what a plant medicine is or isn't...just like animal spirits. Coyote means very different things to different people (and different tribes)...just like Datura means different things to different people (and tribes). On a side note, the family I lived with on the reservation were Coyotes. The Coyote is near and dear to my heart but my relationship and what I've learned from Coyote medicine over the years is very different from how I often see it described but it doesn't mean either version is wrong. I think when we carry specific medicines they are for us to slowly unwrap and understand over a lifetime. We'd be missing the gift that they were if we could just look this stuff up on google or read it in a book. ”

An easy and hopefully useful tip for emptying your mind to work with the plants in my nightshade truffles is to close your eyes and every time you catch yourself thinking a thought, quietly say, “shhhhhh” until it melts away. You may have to do this quite a bit until your mind is comfortably quiet. Think of the soft rustling noise from a gentle breeze moving through reeds by the water and channel that kind of energy into the ‘shhhhh’ and visualize your conscious thoughts moving away from you and gently dissipating with that breeze. Once your mind is completely quiet it makes it easy for the plants to take the lead.

numb purplec.jpg

Alcohol and/or cannabis in moderation shouldn't obscure the truffle experience, but if used to the point that your senses start to numb then it certainly may numb your truffle experience. Food for thought. 😉

Chopping up some premium chocolate (I use Callebaut) to make a fresh batch of nightshade truffles. I measure everything by weight instead of volume to ensure accuracy. Some of you may have noticed that some truffles may appear a little larger then other truffles and it’s because the truffles are portioned by weight in order to ensure that every truffle has the exact same amount of nightshade (as well as other plant materials) as every other truffle. There is no such thing as a really strong batch and/or truffle. Many factors can come into play as to how we experience them each time and I cannot emphasize enough how much I believe that plant consciousness is a major part of that. Their spirits are far more evolved than our own and/or maybe it’s just that they never lost their way. 💚🐝


“What inspired you to combine plant medicine with chocolate? ”

“The idea for the truffles came to me from the faye. It's a classic combo and I was looking for a user friendly way to make working with these kinds of plant medicine more accessible to people in a way that helped celebrate the union of people and plant spirits and chocolate is the perfect union. The truffles have really made me appreciate and understand why some ancient cultures considered it a vehicle of the gods. It's interesting to see how much science backs it's use as an entheogen and a partner to other entheogens as well. ^_^”

I know that I, as many others who use these truffles on a regular basis, go through periods where we use them almost daily for two to three weeks in a row and everyone seems to agree that they only find benefit in doing so without any reports of decreased effectiveness with time or any other adverse problems. Personally, I like like to make sure that I am practicing good self care when I do frequent use such as staying well hydrated, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep so that I can stay in better tune with my body and how it’s responding. (Artwork by @wyrdewoods)

truffle brain comp.jpg

I think you’ll find with continued use that it may take less (truffle) to get to that same place which is partially why I don't offer a stronger variety. They are all quite strong as they are now, it just takes a little practice to work with them. When we eat them we are learning to use new parts of our brain and learning to exercise with muscles we've never used before. The more we do and practice these new things the more proficient and successful we become. There is only so much of the work the plant can do for us. We need to learn how to work with them and that is the part that takes practice. ^_^

Peacocks can eat poisonous plants and poisonous snakes without adverse effects and are able to transform those poisons into their vibrantly beautiful feathers. They can be a great reminder of how we can transform all of the pain, suffering, and poison from our past (and current situations as well) into our own beauty and strength.

Screenshot 2021-04-27 140034.png

A conversation that I recently had with regular customer @tammy_gallawa.

Tammy: “ This was by far the most enlightening (experience I’ve had with the truffles so far) . Ascension puts it mildly .. I spoke to my mom & my aunt , I cried happy tears .. such relief .. I owe you a debt that I can never pay in this world .. I did post about it .. words of thanks are not enough .

Seamus:”Good to hear! I also believe there really is something to the more you use plants this way (so like the more you eat the truffles) the more you get out of the experiences. You just keep leveling up. That’s my experience and quite a few regulars have confirmed that it seems to be the same for them. Not every experience will be this amazing but as a whole what you are able to achieve should continue to increase with continued use.

Tammy: “ I know you’ve experienced peyote ... I would say last night was a lot like that experience , so close , even later in the evening when I thought it had ended I leveled up and boom it hit again . It’s gaining momentum each time."

Seamus: “And I have said I love these nightshades because they can take you to the same places as peyote does but you go there with out losing clarity and just takes practice, but the plants are constantly teaching you how to level up..just like peyote does,...but again, in case anyone else is reading this, these truffles will not make you hallucinate, but they will just make you be able to access the different planes of consciousness, otherworlds, etc that the 'stronger' psychotropic entheogens do as well."

A new customer and her partner were looking for some feedback as they didn’t get much from their first experience. This is what I shared, “For some people it does take two or three tries to get it. Aphrodite is one that most would feel quickly but try not to be discouraged. Next time try only eating very lightly beforehand. Another strategy is on a day off, take them not long after waking. I like to have one with my coffee and something super light to eat besides it. It can make for a wonderful day and since you just woke up you wont have a day's worth of events to deprogram yourself from. I'm not sure if you did last time, but at like 15 to 20 minutes..maybe 30, you can try shutting your eyes, either sitting comfortably or laying down. Just try to empty your mind. If you catch yourself thinking, quietly go shhhh. I can get quite a bit with my eyes open but the experience is probably two to three times more powerful when my eyes are closed and that's when you can get some amazing visuals and imagery too. I'd also try to stay quiet... maybe agree to try not to talk for an hour, but there is no reason you can't share the intimate experience of the plants with someone you are close to. I think light conversation would actually be rather distracting for this kind of work and something you may try to put off until a couple of hours after eating the truffles so as not to miss anything. The plants won’t do all of the work for us. They guide us and show us how to do the work with them.”


One of the other great things about these truffles is you don’t need hours and hours for them to leave your system or to enjoy them even. You can eat them one or two hours before bed and really have a meaningful experience before sleep and then have some wonderfully vivid dreams ever after that. (results, of course, may vary).

Calling these truffles edible flying ointment is no stretch. That was definitely part of the concept on my mind when I first came up with the idea. Rather then ask which truffle is most like flying ointment (as I have been asked many times) I say look at all sixteen varieties that I offer as sixteen varieties of flying ointments fine tuned to meet your personal flying needs. To infinity and beyond! Emporium Black Nightshade Truffles 🌱 Check out my store for more info or to purchase. Sacred Plant Medicine 🌱 Let the Process Begin 🖤🦢


I just came by these two nice sized chunks of amber and am looking forward to eating truffles and then meditating with one in each hand to help me better hear the ancient wisdom they have to share as well as their guidance on how I can best use them. The truffles are a great way to really tune into any special pieces you may already have or happen to find. Whether they be something you already know quite a bit about but want to go deeper with or you have something that you are inexplicably drawn to and are wondering why. Personally, I much prefer the knowledge gained this way over anything I can read in a book... but for the book driven it can be a wonderful way to supplement your existing knowledge too. 

A new customer was telling me he planned to eat a truffle to meditate and I said I felt that was really the best way to get everything they had to offer... A lot of people try to force an experience by preplanning everything they will do after eating a truffle and unless they finally let go of being in control like that they end up feeling little. I forget that many people may not be familiar with basic meditation techniques. These plants won’t feel anything like shrooms or entheogens closer to their nature, but you can arrive at similar places that shrooms would bring you, you'll just have much more clarity. It feels more like lucid dreaming while awake and you’ll start to see the different planes of consciousness and different things you can do in all of that space. You will find secret doors and windows. You can learn about new areas to explore as well as the things you can do with the deeper vision they will bring you. Each time you journey with them it will be easier to do those kinds of things so that eventually you won’t even need the help of ingesting the plants to do it. Start with an empty mind. You can also have a question or concern or something you are seeking clarity or a new perspective on...have that as an intent when you eat the truffle but then let it go. Don't obsess on it and the plant should bring you the answer/new view. 😊🖤


A customer was talking about eating their first truffle and all of the things they were trying to do with it and how they continued to feel nothing so they decided to just take a nap and instead of napping they had their first experience with astral projection and I replied, “That sounds very accurate to what you can do with one of these truffles. I think some people may be getting distracted in trying too hard to relax and using a lot of pre-planned techniques for certain effects. I find just being still in body and mind and closing my eyes works best which sounds like what you did not long before you had your experience. If you are deliberately trying to do something I think people are blocking what could be coming to them. It helps to be totally open to letting the plant do its thing. It also gets much easier with practice. 😊”

There was a length of time that I frequently approached the nightshade truffles almost like tarot cards in that I'd have something that I was wrestling with and seeking direction, insight or what to do or I’d be asking them to show me what I’m missing etc. The plants always led me to the answer. They really helped me through a pretty dark time. Whichever flavor called to me that day was the one I ate. On a similar note, nightshade truffles can be a real gamechanger with any and all forms of divination. The truffles can help open up your receptivity and tune in the answers loud and clear with great clarity. Equally appropriate for those new to a style of divination as well as those well experienced.


Hedgriding, Out of body experiences, Lucid dream work... I was in a class not too long ago for something where the instructor has asked everyone to pay attention to what they are getting from their dreams about the subject and it's another place that I see where all of my work with these kinds of plants has helped me in very noticeable ways. After years of working with these plants by taking them in my body, I can willingly slip into a lucid dream state with a reasonable amount of control of the subject matter as a way to learn from spirits, ancestors, faye, or what have you and I can stay in that state for hours. The other night I met a new helper who was clear as day and I have gotten hours of insights and teachings on a new subject because I am in there with such a high degree of lucidity. This does not just come with ingesting the plants one time, but each time you ingest them you will hone your skills and learn new ones if you work at it. Many people will be able to learn to use and apply these newer skills later without needing the plants help but with the plants, most people would find their abilities are pretty much always going to be heightened significantly. The plants make it so much easier to find doors we may not see otherwise and make it easier to open doors and walk through them too. These truffles can help open you up and take down those walls and veils that usually hide so much from what we can normally see, and hear what usually is imperceptible. They heighten our senses and help us tune in.

When I was getting ready to release a new nightshade truffle flavor featuring fly agaric mushrooms my son, unaware of any of this, ended up drawing this picture and giving it to me and said it was indeed a mushroom. I continue to be blown away by his gifts and send big love to everyone else on the spectrum or who has a loved one on the spectrum. 💚💙💜🌈🦚🍄🍄


A friend was asking me how I got into baneful plants/herbs. “I started learning about them when I lived on the rez. We grew a lot and there was a lot of interest in them not only as medicine and entheogens but also people were very conscious of peyote being consumed faster then it can replenish itself and sloppy harvesting techniques make this even more of a concern, so there were people who caretook these plants for the possibility of a day when the peyote resources may need to be supplemented with other baneful plants. It took way too long for me to realize that when witches would be talking about their poison gardens that this is what they were talking about. I only knew them as medicines. :)” On a side note it’s amazing how much these petals look like the filling of the datura jasmine truffles. 🦚💚

This is my favorite style of music to go with truffles. It's the songs sung during the typically 12-hour peyote ceremony (meeting). Hay-nays, as they are called, can really help you connect to the plants and everything else as well as further facilitate traveling with these plants. I never stopped singing these songs even after all of the years since I last prayed with the Native American church. Just type in peyote songs for more playlists if you need more. I hope some other people find them as powerful as so many others on what I consider to be a very similar path. 🖤🦢🌈


I don’t know if people caught the crossvine flowers I put in this new May Queen truffle but I added them to represent the crossroads to infuse a sigil and mini altar for ceremony inside of each truffle as I try to do with all flavors. May they take you where you are trying to go. 🖤🦢🐝🧚‍♂️

A new customer was just asking me what exactly is a journey bottle so I thought others may be interested in what I was thinking as I made them. “It’s to aid in the kind of journeying that is done with these plants, either as just a reminder of that work or as something to hold in your hands to help you surrender to the experience or maybe to set next to a candle you light at the beginning of your experience. It can be used in many ways and you can still do great work even without it...its just another aid 😊” I’ll surely be making more of these in the future with different themes to offer in other packages but they’d pretty much be used in the same ways. 🖤🦢


“ Just because one truffle’s description mentions something that another one doesn't, doesnt mean that's the only truffle you'll be able to do that thing with. They are all interchangeable. ...They all have distinct personalities so maybe think of them as a team and the more you try them and work with them, you realize certain ones will be better for certain jobs or certain days and oftentimes one of them will step out and let you know they are the one for that day or that work.”Emporium Black Nightshade Truffles. Sacred Plant Medicine 🌱 Let the Process Begin. 🖤🦢

“The original idea of these nightshade truffles I think stems from my time living on a reservation and being heavily involved with the Native American Church (peyote). I was looking for a way to help non-native Americans make similar connections with plants“ (because I’ve been asked this quite a bit 😊) 


Deprogram all of that old thinking that no longer serves you <--I had repeated dreams last night where I kept being shown this add for the truffles with those words. I couldn’t remember the image that went with them but I figured the words were good enough. Deprogramming yourself of old thinking and influences is just the sort of thing that any of Emporium Black’s nightshade truffles can be great for. It can be subtle looking work but makes for profound changes in one’s life.

Seamus wrote a short article about using these truffles, called 'Wild Swan - Taking Flight', which was published in the Spring 2021 Witches' Almanac.

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